Parkland suspect Nikolas Cruz showered with fan mail, donations: report

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Parkland, Fla., massacre suspect Nikolas Cruz has actually been getting great deals of woman– and some male– attention through jail fan mail, inning accordance with a report.(Associated Press)

The bloody Valentine’s Day massacre at a Parkland, Fla., high school last month has actually led some observers to fall in love– with the suspect.

Lovestruck groupies from around the nation are showering shooter Nikolas Cruz with fan mail, consisting of sexually intriguing images and contributions, inning accordance with a report.

One 18-year-old from Texas supposedly proclaimed her love to Cruz in a March 15 letter embellished with smiley deals with and hand-drawn hearts, South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel reported.

Teenage women, females as well as older males are composing to the Parkland school shooter and sending out photos– some suggestive– tucked inside adorable welcoming cards …

“When I saw your image on the tv, something attracted me to you,” the letter stated.”Your eyes are gorgeous and the freckles on your face make you so good-looking.”

The missive flatly concludes: “ I &rsquo

; m truly slim and have 34C sized breasts. ”

Another Texas lady supposedly sent out a bizzare handwritten love note less than a week after Cruz assassinated 17 individuals Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Nikolas and Zachary Cruz apparently discussed their newly found appeal in a prison go to. (Broward County Sheriff)

“I schedule the right to appreciate you, Nikolas!”check out the unsolicited statement.


A Chicago lady apparently sent out Cruz various suggestive pictures, consisting of one where she slurps a Popsicle while using a swimwear, and another where she flaunts her behind for the video camera.

Cruz, who prison authorities state has actually gotten almost$800 in contributions to his jail commissary account because the shooting, has actually likewise stood out of some members of his own sex.

A New Yorker with a bushy moustache sent out Cruz a card including a feline and a picture of himself being in a white 1992 Nissan convertible, inning accordance with the Sun-Sentinel.

“I ’ m actually slim and have 34C sized breasts. ”

-Letter sent out to Nikolas Cruz by admirer

At least in the meantime, however, the mass killer’s suitors are pining at the wind. Prison authorities, who evaluate all letters to prisoners, stated Cruz has actually not seen the letters, and stays on suicide watch.

As a matter of policy,

authorities take letters which contain profane product, fortunate interactions, or dangers to public security.

“ We checked out a couple of spiritual ones to him that extended want his soul and to come to God, ” Broward County Public Defender Howard Finkelstein informed the Sun-Sentinel, “ however we have not and will not read him the fan letters or share the pictures of scantily-clad teenage ladies. ”

Finkelstein included that he’s”never ever seen this lots of letters to an offender “in his 40 years as a public protector.


But lots of admirers have actually likewise flooded social networks, where some have actually declared&that they’ve gotten across Cruz.

“ I desire you all to understand that Nikolas understands about us and he had the most significant smile on his face when he was informed that all of us support him, ” one Facebook user composed on a pro-Cruz group.

When Zachary Cruz, Nikolas ‘more youthful sibling, checked out Nikolas in prison, the 2 discussed their appeal, inning accordance with district attorneys.

Zachary’s lawyers are anticipated to argue in court Thursday that his$500,000 bail on a trespassing charge is extreme. The 18-year-old was apprehended Mar. 19 after authorities discovered him skateboarding at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

The unseemly interest in Cruz might originate from females with bad adult relationships, or a strong desire to conserve a susceptible and obviously lonesome figure, psychological health specialists informed the paper.

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