Twitter reminds dad that gun ‘jokes’ aren’t funny anymore

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Threatening murder to manage your child’s sex life is soooo amusing?

Oh, wait, no it’s not. It’s scary — a truth that appears to have actually gotten away gun-toting Dad and previous NFL gamer Jay Feely when he tweeted out a photo of himself standing in between his child and her senior prom date, handgun in hand.

“Wishing my gorgeous child and her date a good time at senior prom,” he composed.

With the hashtag #BadBoys, Feely is plainly making a referral to a scene in Bad Boys II where the primary characters threaten a 15-year-old young boy taking among their child’s on a date.

That motion picture came out in 2003, and it’s arguable if the joke was amusing even then.

It’s definitely not now.

Obviously, we’re in the middle of a heated nationwide discussion about weapon violence following a lot of mass shootings to count. There’s likewise something to be stated about the method Feely’s “joke” rejects his child’s company — which is to state, her capability to act and believe as a free-thinking human capable of making her own choices.

That sort of mindset must (in a simply world) be as out of design as, well, dealing with a fatal weapon as a source of humor.

Feely did tweet out an information, keeping in mind that it was all simply a joke which he takes “weapon security seriously” — including that “I did not plan to be insensitive to that essential concern.”

But, once again, Feely is missing out on the point. Weapons, even when they are “not packed,” aren’t jokes. And his child is not his home.

In other news, Friday was the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting that left 23 trainees hurt along with 12 trainees and one instructor dead.

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