Bill Cosby guilty on all three counts in indecent assault trial

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Norristown, Pennsylvania (CNN)A jury discovered Bill Cosby guilty of 3 counts of worsened indecent attack on Thursday, for drugging and sexually attacking Andrea Constand at his house in a Philadelphia residential area in 2004.

Cosby did not audibly respond to his conviction, however appeared quickly later. Minutes after the decision, district attorneys asked the judge to withdraw Cosby’s bail. They stated he is a flight danger and has a personal airplane.
Cosby, who did not affirm in the trial and has actually sat silently through the procedures, stood and screamed in a thriving voice: “He does not have an airplane, you asshole.”
      Judge O’Neill ruled that Cosby ought to not leave his house. Because Cosby has houses in several states, the judge kept in mind that if he does set up with the suitable workplaces to remain in a house in another state he need to initially be fitted with a GPS tracking gadget prior to leaving.

      The decision came a year after Cosby’s previous trial ended in a mistrial , as a various panel of jurors stated they were deadlocked and might not all settle on a decision. This jury started pondering Wednesday around 11 a.m., and worked for more than 14 hours over 2 days to reach the decision.
      At the retrial, 5 other Cosby accusers affirmed as “previous bad acts” witnesses and stated that Cosby had actually drugged and attacked them years back.
      It was the very first celeb sexual attack trial because the #MeToo motion started last fall, and lots of saw it as a test of whether the cultural shift the motion has actually produced would equate in court.
      “What was exposed through this examination was a male who had actually invested years taking advantage of females that he drugged and sexually attacked, and a guy who averted this minute here far too long,” Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele informed press reporters. “He utilized his star, he utilized his wealth, he utilized his network of advocates to assist him hide his criminal activities.”
      Cosby’s lawyer, Tom Mesereau, stated he prepares to appeal “really highly.”
      “We are really dissatisfied by the decision. We do not believe Mr. Cosby’s guilty of anything and the battle is not over,” he stated.

      What the case had to do with

      The case versus Cosby fixated statement from Constand , a previous worker with Temple University ladies’s basketball group. She affirmed that Cosby, an effective trustee at Temple, drugged her and sexually attacked her when she visited his the home of request profession suggestions 14 years back.
      The trial had the “he stated, she stated”vibrant that prevails to sexual attack trials. District attorneys had little forensic proof and count on the statement of Constand. In addition, 5 other females affirmed that Cosby had actually drugged then attacked them years earlier as district attorneys looked for to show Cosby’s actions towards Constand became part of a pattern.
      Cosby’s defense group released aggressive attacks on Constand’s reliability and stated that their sexual interaction was consensual. Constand was a “scam artist,” they argued , who desired a piece of Cosby’s fortune.
      In closing arguments, defense lawyer Kathleen Bliss placed Cosby’s legal group as withstanding “witch hunts, lynchings (and) McCarthyism.”
      After the trial concluded, Constand left through a side door in the courtroom, strolling into a corridor with her arms around 2 ladies and a substantial smile on her face.
      Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents a number of the females who have actually implicated Cosby of misbehavior, stated this was the happiest she had actually been with a decision in 42 years.
      “We are so delighted that lastly we can state, females are thought. And not just on #MeToo however in a law court where they are under oath, where they affirmed honestly, where they are assaulted,” Allred stated. “After all is stated and done, ladies were lastly thought.”

      Universities withdraw Cosby’s honorary degrees after decision

      Hours after the decision, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania revealed it was withdrawing the honorary degree it granted Cosby in 2007.
      “Carnegie Mellon University has long had a undeviating and clear dedication: The university will not endure sexual violence, intimate partner violence, stalking or unwanted sexual advances. These acts protest the law and break our core worths,” the university stated in a declaration.
      The University of Notre Dame in Indiana likewise stated it was rescinding the honorary degree it granted Cosby in 1990.
      “While definitely bothered by severe, public allegations made by numerous females versus him, the University chosen to wait till due procedure had actually been managed the implicated, and a decision provided, prior to rescinding the honor,” the Rev. John I. Jenkins, the university president stated in a declaration.
      But Temple University, which Cosby went to and where he as soon as held a position on the board of trustees, stated the decision “offers extra truths for the University to think about with regard to Bill Cosby’s honorary degree.”The university stated it “aspects” the jury’s choice.
      In 2014, Cosby resigned from Temple’s board of trustees after holding a seat for 32 years.

      How we got here

      The guilty decision is an impressive turn of occasions for the male as soon as referred to as “America’s Dad.” Cosby was a revolutionary star and the very first African-American entertainer to win an Emmy for his function on “I Spy.” He played the sweater-loving Cliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” among the very first mainstream TELEVISION reveals to include a black upper-middle class household.
      Although lots of females have actually implicated Cosby of sexual misbehavior, just Constand’s claims led to criminal charges.
      “I seem like I’m dreaming,” Lili Bernard, who has actually implicated Cosby of attack, stated later. “I seem like my faith in mankind is brought back.”
      “Everybody got to see who he truly is when each of those previous bad-act witnesses got to affirm. The man was a star for a very long time,” Steele stated Thursday.
      Constand at first informed authorities about the attack in 2005, a year after the attack took place. Previous Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor at the time chose not to submit charges in the case, and Constand and Cosby settled a civil suit for $3.38 million in 2006.
      But in late 2015, as a groundswell of ladies spoke up with allegations versus Cosby, Steele, the brand-new district attorney in Montgomery County, submitted charges.

      In a declaration, Castor praised Steele and county police on the success.
      “The skillful usage of Cosby’s incriminating civil deposition, plus the other witnesses who stepped forward and affirmed after unmatched promotion, showed to be an unequalled courtroom one-two mix in upholding the victim,” Castor stated.

      ‘She revealed guts’

      Steele stated Constand was brave in stepping forward and sustaining the trials.
      The district attorney stated it was hard to being in the courtroom and witness “character assassinations”– however the jury, he stated, was on Constand’s side in the end.
      “I hope that individuals acknowledge that you got to reveal guts like his girl did,” he stated, indicating Constand, who backed up him.
      “She revealed nerve,” Steele stated. “She stepped up. She moved forward … and we got to the ideal outcome. And she remained through this.”
      Steele stated he hopes other victims “comprehend that and see that nerve.”

      ‘These jurors didn’t get it ideal’

      Cosby remained in excellent spirits Thursday night after the guilty decision, and was hanging around with his spouse, Andrew Wyatt, the comic’s spokesperson, informed CNN.
      “Mr. Cosby’s spirits are up– they’re high. Even if he has actually been condemned– when you understand you’re innocent– he’s not going to act guilty,” Wyatt stated outside Cosby’s rural Philadelphia house. “He understands he’s innocent.”
      Those around Cosby, including his partner Camille, were “dissatisfied” with the decision, Wyatt stated.
      “We’re all surprised,” Wyatt stated. “These jurors didn’t get it. All the proof that existed– they neglected it.”

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