Women in ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ costumes march for abortion rights in Argentina

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'' The Handmaid ' s Tale ' outfits lead another demonstration for reproductive rights, this time in Buenos Aires.

Nolite te bastardes carborundorum.

In Buenos Aires, a group of protesters worn red capes and white bonnets like those used in The Handmaid’s Tale series, marching for abortion rights in Argentina on Wednesday.

The group of activists, worn clothes influenced by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian unique and Hulu’s subsequent Emmy-winning series, collected outside the National Congress in Buenos Aires.

According to the Associated Press , the demonstrators marched in silence, heads bowed, like the oppressed characters in Atwood’s tale.


According to the news service, one protestor checked out aloud a letter by Atwood herself, who is supposedly an advocate of the Argentine feminist motion — and the author has stated that the happenings of her book are drawn from history.

“Nobody likes abortion, even when safe and legal. It’ s not exactly what any lady would select for a pleased time on Saturday night. No one likes females bleeding to death on the restroom flooring from unlawful abortions, either. Exactly what to do?” Atwood’s letter checked out.


Argentina’s Senate will vote on whether to legalise optional abortions within the very first 14 weeks of pregnancy on Aug. 8. The expense was authorized by Argentina’ s lower home on June 14, and it was close . President Mauricio Macri, though freely opposed to abortion, has stated if the costs passes, he would not ban it.

Currently, in Argentina, ladies are just permitted abortions in circumstances of rape or if a pregnancy will seriously threaten one’s health. As AP reports, lots of females are rejected the treatment by judges or physicians, leading numerous to look for out unlawful options — a 2016 report by Argentina’ s health ministry approximated around 370,000 to 522,000 Argentine ladies go through prohibited abortions each year, and presently, it’s the primary cause of maternal death in the nation.

The protestors displayed green headscarves emblazoned with require abortion rights.


It’s not the very first time the Handmaid’s Tale outfit has actually been worn to oppose abortion rights around the globe. In March 2017, the so-called Texas handmaids put on red capes and white bonnets for a quiet demonstration in the Texas senate gallery in Austin, throughout a vote on a costs that would prohibit an abortion treatment utilized in the 2nd trimester — they later on staged another, louder demonstration in May.

In June of the very same year, females wore the outfit to demonstration an abortion costs modification in Ohio . And in July, members of a pro-choice group did the very same in the Isle of Man , calmly objecting for abortion rights. If it works in Argentina on 8 August, #peeee

We’ll see.

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