This Terrifying Diagram Shows Exactly How The Thai Soccer Team Was Rescued From The Cave

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All 12 young boys and their soccer coach have actually been saved from a Thai cavern complex after a two-week experience that grasped the world.

Because the group was caught in an underground tunnel, 21/2 miles from the mouth of the cavern, getting them out was challenging. The kids needed to take a trip that whole range connected to 2 cavern scuba divers with oxygen tanks.

This graphic demonstrate how the group was secured of the cavern:

Samantha Lee/Business Insider

About 0.6 miles of the journey was totally undersea, where everybody needed to use complete face masks.

And due to the fact that the cavern’s tunnels are dark, the scuba divers likewise needed to keep a 3-mile-long rope and be directed by lights back to the primary entryway.

The staff member were likewise provided antianxiety medication to soothe them while the scuba divers got them out.

The last 4 kids and their 25-year-old soccer coach were drawn out from the Tham Luang cavern network on Tuesday night and required to a neighboring healthcare facility, where the 8 other young boys who were taken out on Sunday and Monday are recuperating. They have actually been kept in a disinfected seclusion system, are needed to consume plain and soft food, and are not permitted to enjoy TELEVISION.

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