Heartwarming Photos Of The Walking Dead Star With His 3 Rescue Pit Bulls Will Melt Your Heart

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From kicking ass to kicking down preconceptions, star Jon Bernthal of AMC’ s ‘ The Walking Dead ’ is utilizing his platform to promote for pit bulls. Through social networks posts and video PSA’ s, the long time animal activist flaunts the adorable and sweet side of these canines with the aid of his own animals. The most recent addition to his furry household is a saved pit he calls Lil Bam Bernthal, who he embraced in 2017.

The star published a heartfelt picture of Bernthal’ s four-legged boy, where he motivated others to embrace, “ Rescue a Pit Bull. They simply might save you back. Huge love.”

It might not surprise you to learn that his love for animals is hereditary. His dad is the chairman of the board of the Humane Society of The United States (HSUS), who he partnered with on a PSA against animal ruthlessness. In addition to HSUS, the 40-years-old star has actually turned into one of the faces for The Majority Project by the non-profit Animal Farm Foundation. The objective of this project is to shine a light on the type with favorable images from owners.

While Bernthal wants to concentrate on the tranquil side of these animals, he himself has actually gotten physical over them. In an interview, the star confessed that in 2009 he knocked a person out cold when to protect his pet dog Boss. The person was intoxicated and had actually followed the set after being cautioned not to touch the pit bull. The encounter wound up with Bernthal in handcuffs, and while he’ s not happy with the battle, it’ s clear no one must aim to tinker this male’ s canines.

Bernthal presently has 3 pit bulls, Lil Bam Bam, Boss and Venice. Scroll down listed below to see some cute images of the star and his canine buddies.

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‘ The Walking Dead ’ star Jon Bernthal may look badass however he has a kind heart

Bernthal has actually embraced 3 rescue pit bulls and is an outspoken supporter for the type

His objectives are to reveal a softer side of pit bull’ s, motivate individuals to embrace them, and battle abuse versus them

The star has actually partnered with The Humane Society of The United States for anti- animal ruthlessness projects PSA’ s

Speaking out versus young puppy mills and pet dog combating

And with the non-profit Animal Farm Foundation for their ‘ Majority Project’

Which spreads out favorable pictures of owners and their pit bulls

He published heartfelt pictures with his latest household addition ‘ Lil Bam ’

Who he embraced in 2017

Jon Bernthal has actually shown he will do anything for his pets

Even if it implies getting in some difficulty

In 2009 the star was put in handcuffs on Venice Beach, CA

After he knocked an intoxicated guy out cold for getting at his pet ‘ Boss ’ and following the set down the beach

I think everybody found out that day you wear’ t get in between a male and his pit

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