Why Everyone Is Wrong About Violent Video Games & Your Brain

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As long as real-life weapon rampages go uncontrolled, very first individual shooter computer game will be a significant battlefront of The Culture War. Today’s brand-new hyper-realistic weapon video games &should be triggering today’s horrible violence! Exactly what if twenty years of refining virtual headshot tech dovetails with a drop in American violent criminal offense?

  • Exactly what if video games do not in fact technique anybody into being violent, or sexist, or an Italian plumbing professional? And the majority of cooling for you players out there: exactly what if video games DO technique you into ending up being a less perfect individual, in such a way no one’s ever cautioned you about?

    On today’s episode of The Cracked Podcast, Alex Schmidt is signed up with by Jason Pargin (much better referred to as David Wong)to check out an unexpected fact no one else is covering. They’ll integrate years of video gaming experience with a variety of research studies and reporting. They’ll expose a lot &of the panic about Those Darned Violent Video Games, while likewise choosing some realities concealed in it. And they’ll check out how video gaming DOES alter the brains of even the most blood-averse n00bs.


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    Drake–“Nice For What” video

    Lee Morgan– The Sidewinder

    Kamasi Washington– Heaven and Earth

  • Read more: http://www.cracked.com/podcast/why-everyone-wrong-about-violent-video-games-your-brain

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