20+ Times People Made A Bet They Probably Wish They Hadnt

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I bet you’ve lost a bet at some point in your life. But the price you had to pay probably wasn’t as big as for the people included in this list. Bored Panda has compiled a series of unfortunate gamblers in the middle of their redemption, and the photos are so funny and embarrassing, you’ll think twice about entering a wager next time.

From making a public announcement about sucking at fantasy football to transforming their hair into a pineapple, you can’t help but admire people who know how to suck it up and accept the outcome of a failed venture. Scroll down to check out the images and upvote your faves.

#1 In 2001, My Parents Bet Me That If I Did Not Drink, Smoke, Or Do Drugs By 21, They Would Give Me $1500. Here I Am On My 21st Birthday Holding The Contract I Signed When I Was 8

#2 My Dad Challenged The Students At The School Where He Is The Principal To Read A Combined 1,000 Minutes. The Reward Would Be Getting To Push Him Down The Hall On A Tricycle While He Wore Mismatched Clothes Inside Out

#3 One Month Ago I Challenged One Of My Campers Who Had Just Been Diagnosed With Dyslexia. I Told Her That If She Could Read 10 Chapter Books In The Month Of July, I Would Let Her Choose Any Color She Wanted To Dye My Hair. Well She Finished Her Challenge And Alas I Now Have Pink Hair

#4 I Work With Patients In Rehab. 2 Months Ago I Made A Bet With A Patient I Would Shave If We Could Get Him To Reach A Certain Goal. Today, He Did It. Tomorrow He Gets Baby Me

#5 I Won A Bet With The Library At My University Forcing Them To Hang A Portrait Of Me Till I Graduate. Here’s The Photo I Submitted

#6 Won Or Lost?

#7 Spotted In My Hometown

#8 A Swedish Principal Made A Bet With A Student; If The Student Could Make It Through 9th Grade The Principal Would Dye His Hair Pink. Last Week The 61-Year-Old Principal Delivered!

#9 When You Talk A Big Game But Your Sister Beats You In The Match And The Rematch

#10 “Bet We Can Beat You At Hide And Seek Uncle David!” Bet You F**kin’ Can’t

#12 Lost A Bet With My Cousin, This Is The Result

#13 This 86-Year-Old Challenged Me To A Pole Dancing Contest While At Happy Hour, He Won

#14 Never Challenge Your Child To Do Something Unless You Are Prepared For Them To Succeed

#15 Told My Girlfriend It Was Impossible To Stand A Coin On Its Side

#16 My Husband Bet Me I Couldn’t Shave His Foot Without Him Waking Up. This Is What He Woke Up To This Morning

#17 Was Bet That I Couldn’t Balance A Cue Ball On Three Pool Cues. Nobody Played Pool The Rest Of The Night

#18 Friend Lost A Bet. Here’s Her Senior Picture

#19 He Bet Me That He Could Touch His Head To The Ceiling

#20 My Teammate Is A 5’6″ Gymnast. She Bet Us She Could Completely Fit In Her Locker. She Won

#22 When Billionaire Loses A Bet

#23 I Lost A Bet With My Girlfriend. Here’s Our Costumes This Year

#24 Won A Bet Against My Boss Nearly A Year Ago. Came Into Work To See That He Finally Paid Me. In Pennies

#25 My Friend Had A Bet With My History Teacher. He Lost

#26 Boss And Coworker Made A Weight Loss Bet – Loser Had To Cross Dress. That Is His Real Hair Though

#27 Optimus Prime

#28 My Band Director Lost A Bet And Had To Wear A Banana Suit All Day

#29 My Histroy Teacher Made A Bet That If The Student On The Left Got Above A 95 On His Test, He Would Shave His Head. He Got A 98

#30 So My Friend Got Drunk And Bet Me He Could Fit An Entire Box Of Straws In His Mouth. Did Not Disappoint

#32 Lost A Bet, Have To Wear This Bad Boy From Christmas Eve To New Years Eve

#33 Bet A Friend He Would Not Play Dodgeball In A Tu-Tu. He Won

#34 Well, My Brother Lost A Bet And Had To Go On A First Date Dressed Like This

#35 Lost A Bet

#36 When You Have To Admit You Are Wrong

#37 This Poor Guy Bet His Roommate America Would Beat Canada In Hockey

#38 We Had A Bet About Our Baby’s Gender. My Husband Lost

#39 12-Year-Old Cousin Bet Me I Couldn’t Fit Into His Halloween Costume. Challenge Accepted

#40 Don’t Lose Your Fantasy Football League

#42 My Friend Lost A Bet 5 Years Ago And His Friends Changed His Name. He Just Found Out It Was Actually Accepted Last Week When His Passport Expired. He Has To Wait 3 Years To Fix It

#43 When I Was A Senior In High School I Bet My Mom $1500 I Wouldn’t Drink Till I Was 21! I Guess You Could Say I Won The Bet

#44 Has Carson Palmer Ever Won A Bet In His Entire Life?

#45 He Must’ve Lost A Bet

#46 My Brother And Dad Made A Bet, Dad Lost, Had To Dye His Hair

#47 We Bet My Grandfather He Couldn’t Fit In My Aunt’s Lululemon Shirt. He Did

#48 My Friend Billy Was Challenged To Beat His Coworker’s Record Of Fitting 41 Grapes In His Mouth. Here’s Billy With 42.5 Grapes. Billy Hates Losing

#49 Looks Like Rep. Michael Capuano Of Massachusetts Lost A Super Bowl Bet

#50 This Guy Lost A Bet And Now Is Stuck To The Yield Sign On Wallisville

#52 My Friend Didn’t Think Narwhals Were Real And Lost A Bet Because Of It

#53 My Drunk Ass Friend Bet Me $20 He Could Catch An Opossum. He Won

#54 This Punishment

#55 She Lost A Bet

#56 My Friend’s Liberal Dad Called Me A “Dumbass” For Thinking Trump Would Win Big League. He Lost The Bet

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