A Path for the Searching Husband

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I am tired of the sickening speed.

Of the revolting result social networks has on individuals, on me.

Of the rancid result today’ s rhetoric has on the Christian witness, on my witness.

Of the muting of charm through home entertainment programs set on indecency and the profane.

So, I’ m went to an easier course. It ’ s a course called Meno.

That’ s the word Jesus utilized when he informed his buddies (otherwise called his disciples) to abide in him. It suggests to wait in him, to be in settled union with him.

It’ s an unusual course for a male in our world, I confess. It really needs something of me. The concern is, “ Am I ready to fulfill its needs?”


The Meno Path needs intimacy. And not the sexual kind Netflix flings at us.

Rather, the kind comprised of obedience and sacrifice.

I should want to follow a power and authority greater than myself.

To follow rules. Like the frustrating kind that needs me not to have other gods in my life. It’ s not like I ’ m associated with pagan bull praise, bathing in blood.

But I may be bathing in my male cavern or Xbox or materialism or sensualism or hedonism or other “ isms ” I want to camouflage as “ me time.”


The Meno Path needs dedication. I need to dedicate to it to the point of death.

“ Till death do us part ” isn ’ t simply a mantra for my marital relationship, it’ s the fight cry of my choice to follow Jesus. It states, “ Here I am, cross on my back. Let’ s climb up the course. ”


And death may effectively be physical. Jesus didn’ t figuratively pass away on a cross. It definitely implies to pass away to my self.

The more up the course I get, the more plain this type of passing away ends up being. I start calling things I didn’ t understand were challenges.

Like the picky method I react when I wear’ t wish to do something. Like neglecting a relational issue with my spouse, hoping it will disappear. Like keeping up too late, because well, I are worthy of more time to myself.

The Meno Path is high. It leads into the high rugged locations. It is not for the weak of heart.

And I am frequently weak in my heart. How do I continue?

I acquire strength from the stillness of the high elevation. I discover renewal in the silence, beverage in the privacy, and clearness from a wilderness that removes me to my basics.

The Meno Path needs hope. Hope emerges in the heights; where the winds attempt to press us off the course.

Hope links to the inmost part of my heart. It’ s likewise called desire or yearning.


The world (the valley listed below) likes to twist desire. Up here, on The Meno Path, hope, desire, aspiration, link to something the world has actually lost: pleasure.

Joy is the gasp of my faith. The wonder-moment of life. The surprise in the face of appeal.

Joy culminates. It is desire’ s greatest advancement.

Joy signals satisfaction.

It is the arms-raised-moment in praise. That minute you’ re all set in your heart to be removed the mountain.

.When my yearning discovers house, #ppppp> It is the minute.

It is likewise that location of house.

It is the benefit of faith, the reward of aspiration, the spoils of love.

Joy appears like paradise.

The Meno Path needs forgiveness. Me of myself. Me of you. Me of her. Me of him. Over and over and over once again.

There is no end to forgiveness.

Forgiveness cuts through bitterness.

It might weep on the coastline of misery, however sees the course, and strolls the course.

It might weep out in discomfort over unmentioned injuries however constantly strolls to pleasure.

Forgiveness does not take chance to call out the wrongs of another individual. It takes the blow, and bleeds, it takes the thorns and sings, it takes the nails and welcomes.

Forgiveness never ever stops working.

The Meno Path enlivens life.

In this world, I take part in the numerous callings (vocatio) of life, offered by God. In each of these callings (vocatio), I am offered a duty. They are: hubby, daddy, kid, employee, person, bride-to-be of Christ (Church).

The Meno Path weaves in and through these callings. When I abide. When I wait in Christ. When I discover settled union with him. Each calling blooms in the happiness of intimacy with the Almighty.

I’ ve discovered that abiding needs much in the eyes of the world. The even more up The Meno Path I climb up, the less weight the requirements have.

Instead, I discover in them an amazing lightness and flexibility, and breathe the air of paradise.

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