The Five Best Day Hikes in Medellin, Colombia

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Sitting in a valley in the middle of the Andes, Medellin has an attraction that, in the last few years particularly, pulls tourists in droves. For a long time, reference of its name brought memories of cartel-inflicted horror however today, the ambiance is friendly and peaceful, however nowadays, this South American area considered “the city of everlasting spring” is among Colombia’s most significant boasting points.

On a bright day, Paisas socialize in public squares and the voices of fruit suppliers blend with salsa music flooding from open doors. After heavy rain, clouds coming in level with windows of hillside houses. The city is, after all, set down almost 5,000 feet in the sky.

That point alone need to interest explorers with an affinity for treking. Medellin is numerous things however for outdoorsy mountain types, it’s unquestionably a bucket-list location. In addition to the night life of El Poblado, the art work of Botero, and the funicular, lots of hostels and manuals will advise going to Guatap to climb up the actions of the 650-foot El Peol, however the tracks that snake through the mountains that surround Medellin are an underrated treasure and a richer experience.

Luckily, there'&#x 27; s an ideal walking whatever the physical fitness level might be. The state of Antioquia, with its rich foliage, challenging surface, and stunning views will not dissatisfy and to top it off, the standard hearty food will be simply the important things to tuck into after attempting any of these listed below walkings.


The rocky trailhead begins just past the traveler park and straight past the trout dining establishment with a high, uphill climb however do not be tossed: the El Salado trek is fairly simple with safe footing the entire method. Those taking a trip solo can feel safe to go at it alone or, if treking with a newbie, this path gets the thumbs-up. This attractive walking brings visitors on a winding path past farmland and charming fincas prior to slowly going up to the top. About an hour and a half in, the trees open managing tourists an amazing view of the Medellin valley. This area is quickly a path emphasize and most likely the very best location to pick up treats and images. After making it pull back on this out-and-back path, make certain to watch out for the dining establishment next to the stream. Hikers who have actually developed a hunger will be rewarded with trout captured fresh from these really waters. A group may even find dining establishment personnel fishing as they have lunch if fortunate. When it comes to timing, this one is exactly what you make it. Given that the very best view comes ninety minutes in, a three-hour big salami will do simply great.


Feats like El Morran, need to not be ignored. Make no error: this one’s for hikers of a minimum of intermediate-level capability. And those who are squeamish with heights might be much better fit to a various path. To obtain to the path, hikers have to take the city to Niqua station (the northern most stop) which occurs to be in the village of Copacabana. The path begins at the base of the mountain on a paved zig-zag sidewalk to Santurio De Laz Cruz however do not let that fool you: this walking is a killer. It’s around 8 miles, the fight is in the 3,200 feet of elevation gain in the very first half. If high climbs up are your thing, El Morran is the present that simply keeps offering as brand-new peaks appear to appear simply when hikers might have believed they ‘d arrived. Treading along the spinal columns of mountains en path to Santa Elena, active tourists have to pay cautious focus on their footing as it can be rather challenging, particularly after a rains. With the climb, hikers will undoubtedly observe a shift in environment and environment with the forest at the top being much cooler. In fact, it’s throughout these times that single-track path can be difficult to follow so choosing a guide would be wise for the very first time trying this one. Yes, El Morran is harsh sometimes however it’s in those hard areas where the landscapes is most amazing. High in the clouds, sights like these are normally seen from plane windows just. The six-hour path surfaces in Parque Arv which is a popular traveler area above the city, though a lot of will not have actually travelled through the mountains to obtain there. After a difficult walking, aching hikers will likewise be grateful for the cable television cars and truck trip down.


Hiking in Arenales will quickly be a journey emphasize and might simply encourage a hiker to remain in Colombia. It’s tough to think a location can in fact be this spectacular with a path that zig-zags backward and forward over clear creek waters, through thick foliage, past 2 waterfalls, up a rock wall and ultimately along the spongy premises of a pine forest. This path lies in the hills of Envigado and ultimately ends up at La Catedral– the high-end jail which drug lord Pablo Escobar developed for himself. It can be found in at simply under 4 miles which isn’t really prolonged however since of the technical surface and 1,100-foot elevation gain, it needs to take about 3 hours take or provide. Arenales definitely crams in a lot however the most unforgettable parts will definitely be swimming in the swimming pools listed below the hurrying waterfalls: Chorro Campanas and Salto del Angel. If going alone, just go to the Envigado city station and take the bus significant “Arenales” which will head up the mountain to the last visit the very same name . Because the path itself can be hard to follow however, going and employing with a guide might be best.


La Romera is a safeguarded zone in the mountains of Sabaneta and a magnet for bird watchers, hikers, runners and bicyclists. The greenspace is a vast 230 hectares in Medellin’s south that functions wildlife, natural springs and lookout points from more than 6,500 feet up. Due to the fact that of its varied oxygen-producing plant life, La Romera has actually been nicknamed the lungs of Medellin. Needless to state, it’s a relaxing environment to roam through on a Saturday afternoon with outdoorsy pals. This walking likewise takes place to be a leading bird seeing location– one will not even need to look that difficult to find neon wings flapping, hanging nests swaying overhead, or a small hummingbird zipping by. To obtain there, find the start of Calle 65 Sur in Sabaneta and follow it directly up until the roadway develops into a path. The La Romera indication will be tough to miss out on. Hikers seeking to for a much shorter path can eliminate this area and take a taxi as it’s not yet technically part of La Romera nevertheless those who do not mind the additional mileage will like the happy fincas and flower gardens. Timewise, this is once again exactly what you make it: those who want to go the range can quickly make a complete afternoon of it (with stops) nevertheless 2 or 3 hours of expedition here ought to be sufficient. The views here are impressive and visitors will absolutely have the ability to value the rich plants that Colombia is so well-known for. Developing a cravings will be no issue here which is why, upon making it back to the bottom, ravenous hikers will value the choice of conventional Paisa (read: regional to Antioquia) dining establishments in the area. Suggestion for the hungriest of the lot: watch out for Bandeja Paisa– Medellin’s popular meal which is a meat-heavy plate of hamburger, chorizo, chicharrn, rice, beans, egg, avocado and arepa.


Cerro de las Tres Cruces is a path delighted in by newbies and long time hikers alike. From start to end up, it needs to take about an hour significance there will be a lot of time to knock another activity off the list later on. It ends up and begins in the area of Belen and given that it’s rather a popular out-and-back path for travelers, simply ask any regional to point you in the ideal instructions in case you get lost. Cerro de las Tres Cruces is popular amongst travelers (thanks to it being a path anybody can manage) therefore it’s possible hikers will run into similar folks along the method. Treking above Medellin, visitors are managed a sweeping view of the city and at the top, fresh-squeezed juices are offered to satiate the thirst. Testing Colombia’s numerous tasty fruits is an outright need to and after treking in the mountains, there’s no much better method to rehydrate. The function of this walking that specifically sets it apart from the rest is the outside fitness center at the top for those who want to sweat simply a bit more. These outside areas are rather a typical sight in Medellin and for a real physical fitness fanatic, exactly what could be much better than delighting in a fast exercise while looking down on the whole city?

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