Lindsay Lohan Says Women ‘Look Weak’ When They Share Their Me Too Stories

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Lindsay Lohan doesn’ t appear to be on board with the current Me Too motion.

“ I ’ m going to actually dislike myself for stating this, however I believe by females speaking versus all these things, it makes them look weak when they are really strong ladies, ” Lohan, 32, informed British paper The Times in a current interview.

The previous kid star included that she’ s “ really helpful of females, ” although she doesn ’ t like “ attention-seekers ” or, as The Times put it, “ trial by social networks. ”

“ I wear’ t truly haveanything to state. I can ’ t speak on something I didn ’ t live? ” Lohan stated of that she ’ s never ever experienced any sexual misbehavior throughout her years operating in the show business. “ Look, I am really encouraging of females. Everybody goes through their own experiences in their own methods. ”

Lohan, who ’ s picking up with a brand-new MTV truth program about her clubs in Greece, included that ladies must report attacks when they take place.

“ If it takes place at that minute , you discuss it at that minute. You make it a genuine thing by making it an authorities report, ” she stated, including later on: “ You have these women who come out, who put on ’ t even understand who they are, who do it for the attention . That is eliminating from that it took place. ”

Victims of sexual violence frequently wear ’ t stepped forward straight after their attack for a plethora of factors consisting of worry of retaliation from their assailant, worry of losing their task and a justice system that infamously does not have the capability to properly deal with sexual attack cases. Furthermore, of the victims who report rape, just 2 to 10 percent are incorrect, according to the National Sexual Violence Resource.

Lohan indicated a time when she and her ex-boyfriend, Egor Tarabasov, had a violent run-in on a Greek beach in 2016.

“ I had a battle with my ex on this extremely beach. Exactly what did I do? Absolutely nothing. I simply took control of the beach, ” she informed The Times, describing that she later on purchased the really beach the couple battled on. “ The finest vengeance is success,? ”

The questionable starlet revealed a comparable viewpoint throughout an interview with The New York Times previously this summer season.

“ There was this minute where it resembled, ‘ I put on ’ t actually have to be fretted about a man injuring me, I put on ’ t have to reside in worry, ’ ” she stated of a surprise she had while checking out Tina Seskis ’ The Honeymoon, which she later on purchased the rights to. “ Because when ladies reveal worry , I seem like that makes us helpless. ”

Lohan likewise protected the now-disgraced Hollywood magnate Harvey Weinstein after numerous ladies implicated him of sexual attack and rape in October.

“ I feel extremely bad for Harvey Weinstein today. I put on ’ t believe it ’ s right exactly what ’ s going on, ” Lohan stated in a now-deleted Instagram story. “ I believe Georgina [Chapman] have to decide and be there for her hubby. ”

Head over to The Times to check out Lohan ’ s complete interview.

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