Dentist travels 13,000 miles to check teeth

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Image caption Penny Granger on Tristan da Cunha with her child, Elika

Once a year, dental practitioner Penny Granger from Penicuik in Midlothian, triggers on an impressive 13,000 mile big salami to a remote island in the South Atlantic.

The journey includes a flight to Cape Town and after that 9 days on a boat in the rainy south Atlantic seas, all so she can tend the teeth of the citizens of far flung Tristan da Cunha.

One of the most remote put on earth, the island is midway in between Africa and South America and has no smart phone signal and restricted web.

She invests about 5 weeks there and takes her eight-year-old child, Elika, who has actually been taking a trip with her to the island considering that she was simply 18 months old.

She stated: “I enjoy the Tristanian individuals. They are so warm and inviting. It’s back to an old made way of life where you feel individuals are interacting for the typical excellent and they have actually accepted myself and my child.

“The time we exist is completely depending on the shipping schedule.

“It’s extremely challenging to state precisely the length of time we exist.

“I’m there to do the drilling and filling and to make sure decay avoidance is continued throughout the year.

“We have actually in your area trained personnel to have the tendency to the emergency situations when I’m not there for swellings and infections.”

Image copyright Penny Granger

Ironically, the capital of the island is called Edinburgh of the Seven Seas, which she takes a trip into on a helicopter or barge from the boat as it is not able to come into coast.

With a population of under 300 the island is a little 7,000 feet volcano with a strip of land in the north west where the settlement is and a location where the residents grow veggies consisting of potatoes.

She included: “The individuals make it through well there. There is rather a distinct market, which is Tristanian Crayfish, so there is rather a great deal of fishing done on the island and there is a factory, which everybody operates in from the bank supervisor to the headmistress to the pensioners.

“They all work to process the crayfish once they have actually landed so it’s a good neighborhood environment.

“There is subsistence farming too so they raise their own livestock and sheep, which are totally free to stroll around and they grow a great deal of veggies.”

Image copyright Penny Granger
Image caption A view of the island from the harbour

Most oral trainees have actually become aware of the island as there was a case research study that showed a connection in between sugar and dental caries. When the volcano appeared, #peeee

The island was left in 1961 and everybody left the island for the UK. When it was safe however they took their brand-new love of sugar practice with them, #peeee

Two thirds of the islanders picked to go back.

Now with more ships going to the island, sweet foods are much easier to acquire and there is more dental caries.

Ms Granger is preparing to take a trip to the island once again this year for her seventh see and stated: “It’s windy and rather damp there so it’s not a tropical paradise however I like it and individuals.”

Image copyright Penny Granger
Image caption Penny Granger basing on top of the volcano looking down over the settlement of Edinburgh of the Seven Seas

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