More Than One-Third Of Men Experience Unexpected Emotional Distress After Sex

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A brand-new research study released in the Journal of Sex &&Marital Therapy recommends that the phenomenon of postcoital dysphoria (PCD) — mysterious sensations of tearfulness, irritation, or unhappiness following pleasing consensual sex — might be rather typical in guys; an appealing finding thinking about that previous research study has actually just checked out PCD as an element of female sexuality.

The authors, a duo from Queensland University of Technology in Australia, note that since this is the very first research study to examine PCD amongst males, there is no previous research study to compare today outcomes versus. Moving forward, the information will assist psychologists much better address guys’ s sexual problems and open up the discourse on a topic that has actually been ignored for too long.

“ These presumptions are prevalent within manly sub-culture and consist of that males constantly experience and want sex as pleasant, ” they composed. “ Furthermore, all sex is frequently thought to be accompanied by a sense of achievement, accomplishment and inevitably followed by a favorable psychological experience and a basic sense of wellness. The experience of PCD is counter-intuitive as it opposes these dominant cultural presumptions about the male experience sex and of the [post-orgasm] resolution stage.”


Data for the examination was drawn from a big online study that took a look at the postcoital experience of both females and males. The male area consisted of concerns about event of PCD over one’ s life time and in the previous 4 weeks particularly, in addition to concerns for assessing current mental distress, previous abuse, and sexual dysfunction. An overall of 1,208 guys, aged 18 to 81 years, from 78 nations finished the surveys. Most of individuals determined as heterosexual and were college informed.

In overall, 41 percent of males had actually experienced PCD in their life time, 36.6 percent reported experiencing PCD periodically, and 4.4 percent stated they experience PCD most or all the time. Throughout the 4 weeks preceding the study, 16 and 4.3 percent had regular or periodic PCD, respectively.

An analysis exposed that current event of PCD was most carefully connected with present mental distress, followed by current low libido, postponed ejaculation, and early ejaculation. Sexual preference was just minutely associated, with homosexual guys being a little most likely to experience PCD. Surprisingly, youth sexual assault likewise revealed a weak spot — inning accordance with the authors, research studies in females have actually indicated a strong association in between the phenomenon which kind of injury.

Author Joel Maczkowiack described in a declaration that previous research studies on the resolution stage have actually exposed it to be an important time for couples to preserve and construct intimacy, through talking, snuggling, and kissing, which then results in higher psychological and sexual complete satisfaction in a relationship.

” So the unfavorable affective state which specifies PCD has possible to trigger distress to the person, in addition to the partner, interrupt essential relationship procedures, and add to distress and dispute within the relationship, and effect upon sexual and relationship performance,” he stated.

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