Dear Moms, Lets Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid

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“ Okay, I ’ m simply going to ask it. ” The young mama took a deep breath. A group people loafed, infants on hips, viewing the older kids playing around the park. “ What do you mamas think of …vaccines? ” Her last word was spoken in a hush, like an improper word. This brand-new mommy was looking for knowledge and suggestions, however she hesitated of stepping on a landmine. And she did. There were as various viewpoints as there were mothers — and each held to her viewpoint with a courteous smile and white knuckles.

Moms, it’ s time to loosen our grips. It’ s time to confess that maybe we’ ve boarded the incorrect train — a train we believed would take us to much better discernment, however has in fact caused fear, stress and anxiety, and evaluating one another. I’ m speaking about the mania surrounding our kids ’ health. Whether it’ s vaccines, vital oils, gluten, GMO’ s, orepidurals, we ’ ve made ourselves vulnerable to an extremely sly lie. Not a lie that these things are worth and essential looking into. (They are.) It’ s the lie that our number one top priority as mamas is our kids ’ physical wellness and that the physical aspects of this world are our biggest opponent.

Misplaced Passion

In our church, we recite the Nicene Creed every Sunday. It summarizes our faith and specifies our Christian faith. Our seven-year-old enthusiastically busts out the very first couple of lines from memory: “ We think in one God, the Father almighty, maker of paradise and earth …”


As mothers, there is a strong temptation to enable our viewpoints to end up being creeds. We may not compose them down or recite them aloud. Our hearts whisper to us that we are specified by our options. It may sound something like, “ I think in GMO-free foods. I think in the prolonged vaccine schedule. I think in vital oils a, b, and c, however not d, e, or f …”


There is absolutely nothing incorrect with doing due diligence to secure and nurture our households. Some mothers handle their kids ’ disabling health problems all the time. We’ ve ended up being imbalanced if our mission for physical health triggers us to lose sight of our kids ’ spiritual health. God’ s Word assists us strike the ideal balance. In Paul’ s letter to Timothy, he advises Timothy of exactly what ’ s essential: “ Have absolutely nothing to do with profane, ridiculous misconceptions. Rather train yourself for godliness; for while physical training is of some worth, godliness is of worth in every method, as it holds guarantee for today life as well as for the life to come. ”( 1 Timothy 4:7 -8)

Are we as enthusiastic about our kids ’ hearts as we have to do with their bodies? When our enthusiasm is lost we end up combating the incorrect opponent. Possibly we blame our kids ’ habits on a dietary imbalance at the cost of resolving their sin issue.

How do we understand if our concerns line up with the passage in 1 Timothy? The test is where we invest our energy and time. Our culture is specified by a fascination with research study. Every mother can end up being a specialist. No quantity of research study will alter the reality that we live in a fallen world. We will never ever reach an ideal conclusion. God’ s Word, on the other hand, never ever modifications. It includes “ all things that relate to life and godliness. ”( 2 Peter 1:3) Do we invest as much time in God’ s Word as we carry out in our research study? Exactly what would our kids state we are enthusiastic about?

Misplaced Fear

Part of the factor we pursue physical health with such enthusiasm is [that] we praise a secret idol: the idol of being guilt-free. Exactly what if we do something incorrect? Exactly what if we feed our kids the incorrect thing, or place on the incorrect sun block, or utilize the incorrect cleaning agent?

When I had my very first child I was consumed with doing whatever “. ” I keep in mind making my own infant food from scratch. I believed I was on the best track, however my research study rapidly showed me incorrect. I made the error of making the child food with store-bought veggies rather of my own natural ones. When the infant food was made, I froze it in prohibited plastic. I even made the deadly error of covering it with tin foil. The web stated it was as great as trash.

I was a mess. How could I do right for this small life when “ right ” appeared so evasive? The “ right ” method was in fact looking me in the face. I simply wasn’ t searching in the ideal location.

God’ s Word informs us the ideal thing to do for our kids — and it has absolutely nothing to do with natural infant food or BPA-free plastic. Are you all set? Our task for our kids is to “ bring them up in the discipline and guideline of the Lord. ”( Ephesians 6:4)

That doesn’ t mean we desert our duty over our kids ’ physical health. We acknowledge that physical health is not an end in itself. It’ s a method to a higher end: pointing our kids to Christ. Our supreme objective is not to extend their earthly lives as long as possible, however to prepare them for the life to come. This point of view releases us from worry.

Jesus understood we mothers would have a hard time. He understood we would be lured to let physical cares cause worry. That’ s why He adoringly advises us to “ look for initially the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be contributed to you. ”( Matthew 6:33)

There is a method to be guilt-free and it’ s not by getting all our dietary ducks in a row. It’ s by relying on a sovereign God. We trust His best prepare for our kids — a strategy that considers a fallen world, our weak points, as well as our sin. We fear God, not our environment. In a gorgeous logic-defying twist, worry of God produces peace. We acknowledge that He’ s in control and He likes us. We acknowledge that whatever we see and touch now will disappear, however we have an everlasting want to provide our kids. When this real world fails us, once again and once again, we advise ourselves (and our kids) of exactly what David stated: “ My flesh and my heart might stop working, however God is the strength of my heart and my part permanently. ”( Psalm 73:26)

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