16-Yr-Old Soccer Player Dies TragicallyThen His Dad Sees Whats on the Scoreboard

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Nobody understands precisely why Casey Taub selected that number for his jersey in 4th grade — however it was a number that would stick to him throughout his life, as well as after death.

While lots of kids are understood to select 9 or 10, numbers agent of soccer’ s most significant stars, Casey wanted to march to the beat of his own drum. He was definitely not your common 10-year-old.

Known as a history enthusiast who would strike up smart discussions with grownups at his moms and dads ’ celebrations, Casey had a maturity beyond his years.

“ How exists a 40-year-old guy caught in a 10-year-old body? ” his father, Jonathan, typically questioned.

But the boy would unfortunately not make it to the smart aging his personality predicted.

At age 14, Casey began to experience an uncommon lightheadedness that required issue. His moms and dads believed he came down with a treatable case of vertigo, however a later medical diagnosis showed far more grim: brain cancer.

“ Initially I believed it was something a great deal of kids recuperate from, ” stated his daddy . “ Then we saw it was an altered growth, which you never ever wish to hear.”


At simply 16, the dynamic teenager was required to deal with the truth that he may not make it previous high school graduation.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Taub

“ Am I going to pass away? ” he asked his daddy.

Unsure of exactly what to state to be both soothing and sincere, Jonathan responded with the very first reflex reaction that popped into his head.

“ You right away inform him, ‘ No. ’ ” he remembers.“What do you do? You hope. ”


Admittedly, he would ’ ve informed his kid “ no ” even if the physicians offered him nowish for survival.


For the next 6 weeks, Casey would withstand draining pipes radiation sessions 5 days a week, on top of 3 significant surgical treatments. The treatment revealed some indications of development, however not at the rate it would need to beat the aggressive brain cancer. Physicians stated it was “ like attempting to reach a speeding automobile.”


But cancer might not eliminate Casey’ s enthusiasm for the video game he liked. His health problems stopped him from playing, he cheerfully took on the function as the group’ s supervisor, sporting his 22 jersey all over he went.

The Make-A-Wish structure approved Casey an unbelievable opportunity to satisfy his “ cherished Chelsea group ” in London, and he likewise got presented to a few of his preferred gamers on the New York City FC, consisting of Khiry Shelton, who invested hours with him in the healthcare facility.

While the soccer field served as a safe house for the brave teenager, it wasn’ t long prior to the chemo damaged him excessive to leave the boundaries of his home and the healthcare facility.

“ When his vision got fuzzy, when May struck, he actually began not wishing to speak with his buddies any longer, ” stated Jonathan, as he choked back tears. “ They ’d come by, and simply sit with him.”


On July 9, Casey died. He was just 16 years of ages.

“ He soldiered through a great deal of things, ” included his daddy. “ He was a cannon fodder.He never ever quit. ”


Casey ’ s household and colleagues were totally ravaged — however little did they understand, his memory would quickly return to comfort them in a manner they least anticipated.

After a funeral turnout of over 800 individuals, his group chose there was still something more they wished to do as a nod to their late buddy: commit a soccer match in his honor.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Taub

“ I was all for it, ” stated Jonathan of the gesture. “ For some factor, still, in a manner, it sort of offered me convenience that Casey … that I’ m still linked to him.”


The Horace Greeley High group concluded it was just suitable to honor Casey when the clock struck 22 minutes, in homage to his preferred number.

The minute that minute mark hit, fans and gamers alike participated on a mournful sluggish clap … however a couple of seconds later on, that emerged into a ROAR unlike anything the Horace Greeley High field had actually seen prior to.

Senior captain Matt LaFortezza had actually scored an objective!!

But as though scoring on the minute committed to Casey wasn’ t enough, this story gets back at much better

Amidst the disorderly surge of applause, it took the crowd a minute to understand the precise minute the objective was made:


That’ s. 22 minutes, 22 seconds.

“ When they began the clapping thing I was OKAY, ” states Jonathan of the surreal minute. “ As it kept going on, I was conquered. When the objective was scored I was weeping and everybody was soothing me.”


In a minute when he required it most, the dad is grateful for the soul-wink from paradise from the boy he lost prematurely.

Our prayers are with Jonathan and the gamers of Horace Greely High as they grieve the loss of the stunning soul that was Casey Taub.

He might have passed away at 16, however to them, he will be forever 22.

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