39-Year Search For Teen Ends In Grave 765 Miles From Home

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When 15-year-old Andrew Jackson “ Drew ” Greer Jr. was noted as missing out on from Clayton, Michigan, in 1979, reports flowed he had actually been eliminated — although there was never ever any evidence.

The case ultimately went cold. In the years that followed, missing out on individual leaflets including the teenager — permanently 15 — appeared more haunting than useful.

This week, almost 40 years after Greer was reported missing out on, authorities in Michigan state the remaining secret has actually been resolved with the discovery of the teen’ s stays some 765 miles from where he was last seen alive.

For James Bowman, Greer’ s half-brother, the news indicates his household can stop questioning and waiting and lastly lay Greer to rest.

“ It ’ s a bittersweet … ending, ” Bowman informed The Detroit News . “ Of course, as a household all of us desired him to be alive. … But today we get the closure it ’ s formally him and he ’ s been discovered. ”

NamUS Drew Greer’s school yearbook picture.

In the unusual missing out on individual case of Drew Greer, very little made good sense. The last time anybody in Clayton saw the teen was on Feb. 12, 1979. He ’d supposedly been suspended from Addison High School that day after he was captured with a pocketknife.

At about 5 p.m., a Michigan State Police cannon fodder was dispatched to Greer ’ s mom ’ s home. Inning accordance with the authorities report, Greer ’ s mom informed the cannon fodder her child did not get back from school and might have fled.

“ The last time that Andrew was validated as [having] been seen was leaving Addison High School in Addison, ” checks out a run-through of the case by the National Missing and Unidentified Persons Systems, or NamUs.

Greer ’ s pal, Scott Szeve, informed The Daily Telegram of neighboring Adrian, Michigan, that he ’d seen Greer on the day the teenager vanished. Inning accordance with Szeve, Greer wasn ’ t anticipating going house and dealing with the repercussions from his suspension. Rather, the 2 hung out at a “ fort in the woods. ” Greer ultimately left and “ that was the last time I ever saw him, ” Szeve stated.

Investigators supposedly carried out substantial interviews in the event. Reports surrounding the teenager ’ s disappearance flowed, consisting of one where he ’d been eliminated and was buried near a barn. No accurate proofas to the teenager ’ s location appeared. The case baffledinvestigators and was ultimately relegated to the filing cabinet.

In April 2000, Greer ’ s daddy asked private investigators to resume the case. Inning accordance with authorities, Greer ’ s daddy was “ really ill with cancer, and is desperate to discover someclosure. ”

An investigator re-examined the file and extra interviews were carried out, however as held true in 1979, the examination went no place.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children An age-progression image was produced by forensic artists at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The image portrays exactly what the teenager may’ve appeared like at age 53.

Another years passed without responses.

In December 2014 , this time at the demand of Greer ’ s half-brother, the case was once again resumed. The detective appointed to it, Michigan State Police Detective Sgt. Larry Rothman, found Greer had actually never ever been participated in any of the nationwide missing out on individual databases. He corrected the problem and gathered DNA from relative for contrast to unknown remains, the Daily Telegram reported .

Greer ’ s dad passed away in 2015 and his mom passed in 2017– both without understanding the fate of their boy.

According to The Telegraph , Rothman examined the case till December 2017. Prior to putting it down, he stated a prayer.

“ Asking God, if you desire this fixed, you ’ re going to need to do it due to the fact that I ’ ve done whatever I might do, ” he informed The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, Anthony Strickland, a retired constable ’ s deputy in Bibb County, Georgia, was questioning a cold case he ’d constantly been bothered by– the death of a teenage hitchhiker on Valentine ’ s Day, 1979.

NamUS An undated picture of Drew Greer flowed by private investigators.

According to the Georgia authorities, an unidentified teen was trying to

cross Interstate 75 near Macon when he was struck and eliminated by a semi.
The teenager was not bring recognition. Authorities stated he ’d been bring more than 2 lots sweet bars and a half-dozen pieces of taffy.

Police got a lead from a male who declared he ’d provided the teenager a trippreviously that day. The male apparently informed cops the teenager stated his name was Drew Greer. As appealing as the lead was, the name implied absolutely nothing to authorities in Georgia. Private investigators were not able to confirm the suggestion and there was no match for the unknown teenager ’ s finger prints in the nationwide database.

Strickland informed The Telegraph he was a young deputy in the Spring of 1979, when he stood witness to the teenager ’ s body being reduced intoan unmarked tomb.

The deputy, who retired in 2000, always remembered about the teenager and would often seek to the Internet for ideas. When he came throughout a site including the names and info for runaways from throughout the nation, he was doing that previously this year. While checking out cases that had actually been reported in February 1979, he saw the name of a believed runaway from Michigan, Andrew Greer.

“ I took a look at a map and I might see quickly how he might have made it to 75, ” Strickland informed The Telegraph.

NamUS Detectives invested years attempting to find Greer, seen here in this undated image launched by NamUS.

According to The Telegraph, Strickland got in touch with Rothman on Feb. 12, 39 years to the day the teenager vanished.

In April, Rothman and Strickland stood together by the pauper ’ s severe as the coffin including the unknown teen ’ s stays was raised from the ground. Later on that day, the remains were transferred to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab. A DNAsample was taken there and sent out to the Center for Human Identification at the University of North Texas for contrast.

“ Based on the proof and statements [of witnesses], I am wishing for a wonder, ” Bowman informed The Daily Telegram . “ It will suggest closure for the remainder of the household. ”

That “ wonder ” began Tuesday, when Michigan State Police were informed by the laboratory in Texas that DNA drawn from the remains in Georgia was a match to Drew Greer. Authorities stated they believe Greer was eliminated while making his method from Michigan to Florida, where his dad was living.

Arrangements are now being made to bring Greer ’ s body back to Michigan.

Bowman, who was 4 years of ages when his half-brother vanished, is preparing a funeral. While he ’ s delighted to lastly have closure, he wants his mom was still conscious hear the long-awaited news, inning accordance with The Detroit News.

“ Hopefully, she understands the reality, ” Bowman stated.

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