A homeless man says he got 100s of job offers when his story went viral. That’s a problem.

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On July 27, a tweet about a homeless male trying to find work went viral.

David Casarez, a web designer and Texas A&M graduate, was trying to find operate in the Bay Area, where he ‘d relocated to attain his imagine operating in Silicon Valley. Ultimately, Casarez needed to move into his cars and truck due to the fact that he could not manage real estate — then it was repossessed. Now he sleeps on park benches.

He required to a crosswalk with an indication and numerous copies of his resume. Somebody death by took one and published it to Twitter.

The tweet was shared over 100,000 times. Casarez informed The New York Post that he’s given that had numerous task deals from business like Google and Pandora. And while he was well known everywhere for his grit, the truth of Casarez’s circumstance is far from a fairy tale: “this evening, I’ll be back on my bench in Rengstorff Park,” he stated.

On the surface area, this story is among accomplishment, however it exposes a big issue in America.

When we check out stories like this, we wish to feel excellent about that individuals assist other individuals (they do!) which those who are having a hard time get the assistance they require (that often takes place too!). There’s an issue with that — and it’s the truth that assistance like this isn’t really developed into our neighborhoods. Which pattern is unpleasant, specifically when a lot of individuals require assistance.

Homelessness is a substantial issue. And it will not be resolved by virality.

According to the most recent stats , majority a million individuals are homeless in the United States on any offered night. And widespread misconceptions about homelessness — that it’s brought on by laziness and not systemic problems, that homeless individuals simply aren’t striving enough to be successful, or that a task ensures that a person will belong to live, among others — do not assist the circumstance at all.

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