Getting heroin as ‘easy’ as cigarettes

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The variety of drug users aiming to gain access to heroin dependency services in Belfast has actually increased considerably.

A user informed BBC News NI that getting heroin in the city was as simple as purchasing cigarettes. If waiting lists are not reduced, #peeee

A councillor in Belfast who works with drug users stated individuals will pass away.

“I think it’s surpassed epidemic,” SDLP councillor Paul McCusker stated, including that he thinks heroin addicts are being forgotten.

“Our health trusts have to step up now and handle this prior to we see more deaths,” he stated.

The waiting list for heroin users in Belfast to obtain on to a replacement recommending program stands at a minimum of 29 to an optimum of 38 weeks.

The program permits addicts to move from heroin on to methadone in the hope that they will lower their use and ultimately stop utilizing heroin completely.

Image caption SDLP councillor Paul McCusker stated it appeared “a door was being closed” on heroin addicts

The Belfast Health and Social Care Trust stated there had actually been an increase in need in the previous two-to-three years which this had actually increased in the previous 6 months.

Users have actually informed BBC News NI that waiting this length of time to obtain on to that possibly life-saving program has actually had impacts on their psychological health.

“I fear that if I do not get onto this program I will inject one day and not get up,” James stated.

‘Proper epidemic’

He stated getting heroin in Belfast was “as simple as getting a package of cigarettes”.

“It’s merely calling a number,” he included.

“At the minute it’s definitely all over, Belfast is ending up being a correct epidemic.”

Life on the list

James, from Belfast, has actually been addicted to heroin for 2 years and simply 2 weeks ago he took an overdose.

He informed BBC News NI his dependency begun by cigarette smoking heroin, which later on caused injecting the drug and now he injects anything in between one and 4 bags a day.

“I’ve seen a great deal of individuals overdose, I’ve seen individuals that you ‘d believe would never ever go anywhere near the drug and they’re totally hooked on it now,” he stated.

James has actually been aiming to get assist with his dependency given that in 2015 and fulfills a drug outreach employee a number of times a week.

Image caption James informed BBC News NI that there “does not appear to be any assist there”

But he states attempting to survive the waiting list for the heroin alternative proscribing program resembles “continuously striking a brick wall”.

“It’s the very same story each and every single week, it’s ‘you’re near the top of the list, it’s not going to be long’.

“In April they stated it was going to be 2 to 3 weeks,” James included.

However, 4 months later on he is still waiting and “getting no place quick”.

“There does not appear to be any assist there. I’ve seen individuals take their own lives due to the fact that of it,

“Some that have actually added financial obligations that they cannot pay, they believe there is no light at the end of the tunnel.”

North Belfast councillor Paul McCusker stated that when addicts like James took actions to look for assistance, it appeared that a “door was being closed” on them which can have a “significant result on an individual’s healing”.

“The essential thing for anybody that is suffering a heroin dependency is early intervention, and we do not have that.”

He included: “James does inform that story of waiting every day on that telephone call or letter, whether he is getting the aid or assistance he requires.

“It’s a matter of life or death frequently. He discusses [his worry that] his next hit might be his last hit.

“That is ludicrous to live every day like that.”

‘Risen substantially’

The councillor stated he has actually been getting in touch with the Belfast Health Trust to act on the waiting list for more than 18 months.

A representative for the Belfast Health Trust stated that if need continues to grow “our capability to fulfill this level of requirement is restricted”.

It is tough to obtain a clear image of the variety of heroin users in Northern Ireland, with lots of users of the controlled substance not accessing assistance services.

“Anecdotally it is accepted throughout all sectors, consisting of health and criminal justice that injecting drug abuse has actually increased in Belfast,” the general public Health Agency (PHA) stated in a declaration to the BBC.

There are 2 needle exchanges in Belfast city centre, where heroin users can exchange utilized needles for brand-new ones.

Image copyright CGL
Image caption Naloxone can reverse a heroin overdose

The exchanges have actually been open for 17 years and the variety of individuals accessing the service has actually increased considerably in the last few years.

In the previous 4 years, it has actually increased by 82%, from 7,500 check outs to practically 14,000.

The PHA stated it and the Health and Social Care Board are working to increase the variety of needle exchange services in locations recognized as having actually increased requirement and need, bringing the overall in Northern Ireland to in between 28 and 33.

The PHA likewise included that many individuals utilize the service routinely, so the variety of users will be “substantially lower” than the variety of sees which the service is likewise utilized by individuals who inject steroids or tanning service.

Naloxone is a possibly life-saving drug, which can reverse the results of a heroin overdose to enable the user to obtain medical aid.

Heroin users, their households and those who deal with users can now be provided with it.

In the Belfast Health Trust location, there were 526 circumstances where Naloxone was provided in 2017/18 compared with being provided 95 times the previous year.

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