Jimmy Kimmels Question About Trump Stumps Kanye West

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Kanye West opened to Jimmy Kimmel in a comprehensive interview on Thursday that covered President Donald Trump , Galileo, pornography , masturbation, psychological health, style, love, compassion, his brand-new album as well as exactly what may be on his tombstone.

At one point, West prompted the audience to hold its applause since “ whatever I ’ m going to state is going to be remarkable. ”

But there was one minute of the interview when the chatty hip-hop super star clammed up, which was throughout a conversation of West’ s support for Trump.

“ You so notoriously therefore strongly stated , ‘ George Bush doesn’ t appreciate black individuals , ’ ” Kimmel stated, describing remarks West made at a 2005 advantage for Hurricane Katrina relief. “ It makes me question exactly what makes you believe that Donald Trump does or any individuals at all?”

After 4 seconds of silence, Kimmel provided a lifeline, tossing to a business break and guaranteeing to let West address later on.

The concern didn’ t turned up once again.

However, West did discuss Trump throughout the sector, consisting of going public previously this year with his assistance for the minute and the president he placed on a “ MAGA ” hat. At the time, West stated he didn’ t concur 100 percent with Trump , “ however the mob can ’ t make me not like him. ” He likewise notoriously revealed that both he and the president were “ dragon energy ” and “ siblings. ”

Donning the hat wasn ’ t about the president ’ s particular policies, West informed Kimmel:

“ It represented getting rid of worry and doing exactly what you felt no matter

what anybody stated, and stating, ‘ You can ’ t bully me. ’ Liberals can ’ t bully me, news can’ t bully me, the hip-hop neighborhood, they can’ t bully me. Since at that point, ifI ’ m scared to be me, I’ m not Ye. That’ s exactly what makes Ye. ”

Kimmel likewise inquired about West’ s other half, Kim Kardashian , going to Trump at the White House previously this year to assist win a commutation for Alice Johnson , a 63-year-old grandma who had actually been serving a life sentence for a novice nonviolent drug offense .

“ Were you ever worried about her being alone in the Oval Office with President Trump? ” Kimmel asked.

“ Well, he is a gamer, ” West responded.

See the complete discussion in the clips above.



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