One Of Harvey Weinstein’s First Accusers Paid Off An Accuser Of Her Own Betches

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Last night, the New York Times broke a scary, heartbreaking story on Asia Argento, among the very first public accusers of Harvey Weinstein. The report specifies that Argento paid $380,000 to Jimmy Bennett, a star who implicated her of sexually attacking him in 2013. (* Cue huge wave of individuals taking this as a need to reject the whole #MeToo motion.) Neither Argento nor her agents have actually commented at this time, however here’ s exactly what we do understand about their relationship.

In 2004, Bennet played Argento ’ s kid in the movie The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things. They exchanged friendly messages on Twitter and Instagram through 2012(Bennett ’ s Twitter is now non-active. )In 2018, Bennett submitted a notification of intent to sue versus Argento. In the notification, he information a May 9, 2013 conference with Argento in her Marina del Rey hotel space. Bennett was 17 at the time; Argento was 37. The legal age of permission in California is 18. Bennett declares Argento asked for to be alone with him, provided him alcohol, carried out foreplay then made love with him. She then asked to take pictures of him. The pictures apparently handled this day, of the 2 of them partly outfitted in bed, were consisted of in the notification sent out by Bennett. The following Instagram posts from the day in concern were likewise consisted of. If you desired to sleep or consume tonight, I would not advise checking out the remarks.

My child my love up until I will live @jimmymbennett marina del rey 05.2013

A post shared by asiaargento (@asiaargento)on May 9, 2013 at 2:29 pm PDT

Happiest day of my life reunion with @jimmymbennett xox

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Not much is learnt about the contact in between the 2 following the supposed event, with the exception of one Twitter message sent out by Bennett on June 8, 2013, stating “ Miss you momma !!!! ” In the 2018 notification of intent to take legal action against, Bennett demands $3.5 million in damages for deliberate infliction of psychological distress, lost earnings, attack and battery, highlighting the damage to his psychological health and subsequent hits to his profession. Argento’ s legal representatives accepted a settlement of $380,000. In exchange, Bennett gave up the right to take legal action against Argento, or publish the photo taken of the 2 partly dressed in 2013. The settlement does not consist of a non-disclosure contract. In an April 2018 letter, Argento’ s legal representative declares the choice to leave out non-disclosure language was due to the fact that Argento “ felt it was irregular with the general public messages [she had] communicated about the social hazards of non-disclosure arrangements.”

Since the settlement, just one circumstances of contact has actually been logged in between Argento and Bennett, when she liked an Instagram post on July 17. While neither Argento nor Bennett are talking to journalism, other members of the #MeToo motion have stepped forward , mentioning their frustration, heartbreak, and an advising not to let this story ruin the message of #MeToo.

So, yeah. Exactly what a dreadful day, exactly what a horrible year. It injures to see any story as unpleasant as this stepped forward, it harms to hear this about a lady I appreciated, and it injures me to believe how this story will be utilized to additional attack the voices of #MeToo. I’ m sure I ’ ll pitch a lots more thinkpieces on this today, however for now I’ m too unfortunate and too dazed. I’d prefer to state a minimum of today can’ t get any even worse however hey, Trump still has the nuclear codes. Let’ s simply buckle in and see where this shitstorm takes us.

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