Trump Is in Such Deep Sh*t, Omarosa Is Almost a Relief

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In Donald Trump’s world, it’s difficult to inform in some cases where the con ends and truth starts, however when you use the most basic cui bono test, you’ll see the Don and Omarosa program through a really, really jaundiced eye.

Their really loud, really unpleasant, really public spat has whatever however a wicked twin and an out-of-wedlock kid. It’s the offensive in pursuit of the unbearable, and if it’s difficult to inform which is which, that’s by style.

Though the explosive battle in between these 2 heels might have a nugget of real, mutual anger and betrayal in the center, the careful loan is that it is practically totally boob-bait for the quickly gulled Trumpentariat, simple mummery and diversion from the broadening vortex of legal, political, and financial problem looming for the star of our nationwide truth TELEVISION program.

This week’s episode includes the normal kayfabe, with secret recordings, governmental shitter-tweeted rage, and the device of the president’s media sycophants turning their fire on another of Donald’s once-beloved now-reviled ex-besties.

In Trump’s world today, the living envy the dead. For the unfortunate White House survivors holding on to the wreckage, it’s a race versus the clock.

The Manafort trial was a window into the sort of scummy, skeezy individuals Donald Trump worked with to run his scampaign, and the odd frequency of Russian cash in all their lives. While the path gradually grinds to its end and Paul Manafort’s future style choices go to orange one-piece suits rather of $15,000 ostrich coats, Trump is nervously publishing a growing number of “Kick Me; I’m Obstructing Justice” tweets. The Mueller examination continues its unavoidable, Terminator-style development. Trump understands he and his weak-chinned, slope-shouldered generate are sturdily in the crosshairs now, and no quantity of tweeting will alter it.

The economy, survived on an ocean of quantitative relieving for a years, is feeling the ripples of the Trump trade war cleaning over the bright side, when the numeration comes, it’ll resemble getting up on a Tijuana park bench after a three-day budget-tequila-and-strippers bender. The tax costs was a good sugar rush for business America, who quickly went on a stock-buyback spree, however their dragon-chasing for another hit of federal government relief is currently getting awful.

“Take an appearance at the misfit toys who were fired, purged, or required to get away the White House in the last 20 months and you’ll see the pattern play out over and over once again; from hero to bad guy in a couple of simple tweets.”

The electoral playing field this fall has Republican possibilities decreasing day by day. Trump’s pictured “Red Wave” has to do with as feasible as a swim in the red tide flooding Florida’s coasts. The variety of House seats in play is now over 70, consisting of numerous thought about safe simply a couple of weeks earlier. Democrats are– by some political wonder, provided their normal abject incompetence– letting their prospects run races that work for the districts where they’re running and not by some top-down DCCC playbook.

With a sane Republican president, the GOP would be poised to sweep a variety of Senate seats in red-leaning states held by squishy Democrats like Bill Nelson, Claire McCaskill, and Joe Manchin. Rather, they’re faced with a handful of too-close-to-call races, a lot of contingent not on the quality and actions of the prospects, however on exactly what insane crap Trump tweets in the recently of the race. Ted Cruz is still the preferred to win Texas, however oddsmakers have actually moved the race from Solid Republican to “Maybe the Zodiac killer can lose to Beto” in their most current rankings.

For those of you with any public profile thinking about going into the Trump orbit, either for position, revenue, or eminence, you might wish to think about that Omarosa was closer to Trump than any buddy, company partner, or relative. As a pure animal of the home entertainment complex, she was developed in and by the exact same truth TELEVISION bubble that produced the character Trump uses TELEVISION. She understands its guidelines and his habits much better than any of you ever will.

Take an appearance at the misfit toys who were fired, purged, or required to get away the White House in the last 20 months and you’ll see the pattern play out over and over once again; from hero to bad guy in a couple of simple tweets. Fox News blasts them continuously to separate and embarassment previous followers based upon the impulses, impulses, and fever imagine a mad king.

Don and Omarosa have actually been an enjoyable phenomenon today, however there’s an essential truth TELEVISION lesson to be discovered here. No matter the number of tables this ragey, impotent president turns, no matter the number of hair extensions get taken out in catfights, no matter the number of nights in the jacuzzi end in tears rather of with a rose, none of this will get tidied up in post-production. There are no edits in the real life.

History’s unblinking eye will tape the results of Trump’s extravagant, drunken-sailor costs, his ridiculous trade war, and his efforts to suborn the justice and overturn system long after the phase lights boil down and the teams roll the last cam cases on to the truck.

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