Shinedown Aims Rock’s Revealing Light At Depression And Mental Health

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When Shinedown composed “ Get Up, ” the rock band understood they had something unique on their hands. They simply didn’ t recognize what does it cost? it would resonate with fans.

The track which appears on Shinedown’ s 6th studio album, “ Attention ” was co-written by frontman Brent Smith and bassist Eric Bass.

The 2 invested an overall of 179 days together in 2015, tape-recording the album and composing in Charleston, South Carolina. Bass had actually visualized the music and tune for exactly what would end up being “ Get Up ” back in 2016, however it took Smith ’ s lyrics to pull everything together. And Smith felt motivated to blog about Bass ’ experience with anxiety.

“ This wasn ’ t something that I composed rapidly due to the fact that when he played me the music and we began to take a look at it, it struck me exactly what it was going to have to do with. And I was a bit anxious to reveal it to Eric, ” Smith informed HuffPost.

At some point, Smith got and completed the tune up the nerve to play a demonstration for Bass.

“ I keep in mind when it came at me in the speakers, it truly, actually impacted me due to the fact that as it was playing, I was simply getting incredibly psychological about it. And it stopped. And I played it once again. … And I stated, ‘ You understand exactly what it ’ s about? ’ And Eric stated, ‘ Yeah, it’ s about me. ’ ”

The 2 members of Shinedown stated they constantly compose from an individual location, however this tune still felt various. It tackled their own individual concerns in methods they had actually never ever done prior to. It likewise served to release the remainder of the album, which informs the story of a private’ s journey from a truly bad location to a more powerful and much healthier location.

“ Him [Smith] putting the topic on me and my anxiety, and on the concerns that I have, made it OKAY for us to continue composing this record about our devils. We can be actually individual about this. Coming off the anxiety thing with me and blogging about Brent’ s drug abuse problems and alcohol addiction truly made this record about exactly what we’ ve been through the previous few years, ” Bass stated. “ It was really frightening to come out and state, ‘ This is autobiographical totally, ’ however it was really liberating too. ”

Just having the ability to talk more easily about anxiety and psychological health, Bass stated, has actually had to do with “ the very best treatment ” he’ s had.

“ To have fans now at meet-and-greets and for them to go, ‘ That tune has actually assisted me a lot, and for you to be able to discuss your issues has actually assisted me. ’ It ’ s assisted me and continues to assist me, ” Bass stated.

Steve Jennings by means of Getty Images
Eric Bass (left) and Brent Smith of Shinedown are presently on an arena trip with Godsmack.

On Wednesday, Shinedown is revealing the accompanying video for “ Get Up. ” Directed by Bill Yukich (who did Beyonc’ s “ Lemonade ”-RRB-, the video echoes the belief of the tune in a nuanced and extremely cinematic method.

“ We didn ’ t desire the video to open in a dark, dark location. … Bill resembled, ‘ I wear ’ t wish to do that. I wear ’ t wish to do exactly what everyone believes we’ re going to do , ’ ” Smith stated. “ So let ’ s do something that reveals a remarkable quantity of heart however likewise reveals a lift. … Of course, it’ s a psychological video. … We wished to make the video uplifting and not in a tacky method.”

“ Get Up, ” which started as a tune composed for a buddy and bandmate, is now bringing its motivating message to countless listeners.

“ We put on ’ t desire individuals to feel embarrassed about exactly what they’ re going through. … You’ re not going to be specified by your failures. You’ re going to be specified by the truth that you didn’ t quit, ” Smith stated, including, “ The tune is for the world in a great deal of methods.”


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