Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into approving ‘ethical’ cannibalism

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Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America has actually made it clear that nobody is exempt from the comic’s satirical skewering. The current regrettable victim is food critic Bill Jilla, whom Cohen persuades to consume (phony) human flesh while masquerading as a Michelin star-seeking chef.

Cohen wears another camouflage, this time as Rick Sherman, an outlaw with a prison-themed menu at his dining establishment. He serves Jilla a variation of beans on toast, followed by a sausage in a prophylactic, followed by exactly what he declares to be the prepared remains of a Chinese detainee. Jilla hardly balks prior to attempting it and tremendously delights in the meal.

Jilla composes for , a site which Eater notes is presently down. Since its primary critic believed he consumed an individual and liked it, most likely.

“It’s melting on my taste buds,” Jilla informs the individual who he believes is Rick Sherman. He then goes on to thank the dead detainee’s household for supplying him with this meal.

Who Is America airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.

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