Look at these wild ‘Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ story notes from 1984

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What if Bill &&Ted’s Excellent Adventure had a various title? And included a wise puppy called Dogrufus? And presented Adolf Hitler(!) into its time-twisting experience?

All of that might have occurred in some parallel truth, a minimum of based upon Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson’s initial notes for the motion picture, which they hatched on specification. Solomon shared a take a look at his handwritten notes from 1984 (* terrific * record-keeping) on Sunday in honor of Bill &&Ted star Keanu Reeves’s birthday.

You can thank the “Keanu Reeves TheClub” fan represent Solomon’s generous peek at the genesis of this traditional time-travel story. It was a demand from there that triggered him to share it.

Let’s start with the title: Bill and Ted’s Time Van.

That’s exactly what is printed at the top of the very first page. A number of the great information that follow push in various instructions than you might keep in mind, however the initial run-through that appears at the end of the file is practically an ideal high-level description of Excellent Adventure:

Bill and Ted have a big history job due. They’re stopping working. What’ll they do? They return into history and bring things &&individuals back. They get an “A”. Numerous problems.

They likewise still had their band — explained in the notes as an “air guitar band” (YES). They called themselves Wyld Stallyns, though the initial concept for the band’s logo design was a lot more … included: “A raising horse w/ a witch face, a phallic guitar, and ratings of women surrounding it, on their knees.”

(Remember kids, this was 1984.)

Some of the story setup was extremely various in the initial thinking. : Rufus, the time-traveling futureman so memorably brought to life by the late George Carlin, was at first developed as a “28-year-old sophomore” with a canine called “Dogrufus” who would’ve been “really wise.”

The titular time van came from Rufus, and Bill and Ted would utilize it to obtain to school. One night while they’re driving to 7-11 (NO, NOT CIRCLE K) to obtain some food, they in some way wind up driving back in time, right into Nazi Germany.

They trigger a lot of difficulty there and wind up bringing Hitler back to San Dimas. He’s now stranded there as the 2 lead characters return in time once again. If you’re believing this sounds a lot like exactly what took place in the real motion picture with Napoleon Bonaparte, well, you’re! Solomon himself validated it.

Definitely a clever relocation.

The files get a little bit more spread from there, going through a list of possible concepts to check out and setting out a rough plan for the story. Once again, some of it is extremely identifiable: Bill and Ted philosophizing with ancient Greeks and having popular figures provide their history report.

But there are lots of surprises, too. In the initial concept, Bill and Ted’s schoolmates would have played a bigger function in the story. One concept had them bringing a fellow trainee called Randolph and his football jock buddies — bullies, from the noise of it — to ancient Egypt then getting stuck there without any gas.

Other story points would have seen the men go to Caesar in his palace, and while doing so unintentionally triggering his death, then making a speech to the Senate. Another concept would have transferred the van on the deck of the Titanic in exactly what certainly would have been an impressive “vehicle damages all the important things” scene.

They likewise would have taken a trip back to the stone age at one point, befriending a caveman at the same time. That would have caused them utilizing the ancient human’s fire to light a joint. After that, they were all going to play charades. L-O-L.

I like this. It’s so unusual that we get to see the genesis of concepts, specifically ones that have actually been around for so long and end up being such an essential part of our popular culture experience. Congratulations to Solomon for maintaining these documents, and for sharing them with the world in this method.

UPDATED Sept. 2, 2018 7:03 p.m. ET An earlier variation of this story wrongly described Solomon and Matheson’s notes as a pitch. The authors came up with it on their own, hoping it would get made (a practice referred to as composing it “on specification.”) Solomon himself used the correction on Twitter.

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