What God Would Say to Nurses

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Recently I was considering eternity. You understand, Heaven. I typically think of exactly what it will resemble, and I expect a location referred to as running out tears or discomfort. I imply, who doesn’ t? Then I ’ m advised of my task. My occupation, my ability, my calling, thatthing that I ’ m proficient at will not be a thing. Then that kind of makes my task as a nurse outdated in the hereafter, if there will no longer be illness, discomfort, or illness. While I eagerly anticipate a time where disease doesn’ t exist it did make me question my [option] of a profession that won’ t be needed in a best world. The important things is, even in an imperfect world I have days where I question my profession!

Don’ t get me incorrect; I like Nursing, however it ’ s hard. And it ’ s hard not to question your profession option when it’ s so tough, when it’ s so stressful, when it’ s so hard to keep doing something in the face of ever-changing medication and an overgrowing client population. You enjoy it, however some days you question if you’ re actually making a distinction, if you’ re doing exactly what you ’ re expected to be performing in life, and if you’ re still where God desires you to be. Simply being sincere.

Well, considering that I work as a nurse at the bedside full-time, and I’ m drawing back to work tomorrow after a prolonged holiday, I was satisfied when the Lord spoke with my heart today throughout my peaceful time in His still little voice.

This is exactly what I felt like He spoke to my heart, and if you’ re a nurse then possibly it will speak to yours.

You’ ve been believing a lot recently how your task will exist in Heaven. And it won’ t. I desire you to comprehend it’ s essential now.


The recovery, it is a website, a sign of my supreme recovery. Exactly what you do opens the entrance to exactly what I’ ve currently done. I have actually brought back health and life for eternity. In this life you bring my recovery, a foretaste of the divine, a start of the everlasting recovery that exists for all.

Take opportunity and honor that I picked you for this job. It isn’ t for the weak! You hold the secret, and the secret is light.


You are the light of the world. Think it.


One day all will be recovered. Till that day I have you.

When they see you, they see me.

Nursing can be a challenging and hard calling, however it is simply that; a calling. Nurses are contacted us to be the hands and feet of Jesus, however much more so we are contacted us to reveal the light of the Lord. We are paid for the chance to provide recovery on this side of Heaven, till supreme recovery is offered. The days can be difficult and long, however to understand I have actually been handpicked for such a job as this by My Father provides me restored function and pleasure. I hope you get it.

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