Apple’s first self-driving car crash caused by human driver

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Image: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

The very first auto accident experienced by Apple’s fleet of self-driving cars occurred simply recently and it was obviously triggered by a human motorist — not Apple’s own innovation.

According to a DMV report from the state of California gotten by The Verge , among Apple’s self-driving Lexus SUVs was rear-ended by a human-operated Nissan Leaf on Aug. 24 in Sunnyvale. No injuries were reported, however both lorries were harmed.

Apple’s lorry was combining onto the Lawrence Expressway and was moving at less than 1 miles per hour, inning accordance with the report, and the Nissan was moving at 15 miles per hour when it struck the self-driving vehicle. The self-driving vehicle’s speed appears rather sluggish for combining onto a high-speed expressway, however information are sporadic in the report so we have no idea for sure if its speed was sensible — the only details we get is that the lorry was “waiting on a safe space to finish the combine” when it was struck.

Apple apparently initially started dealing with its cars and truck program in 2014, however its existing model just initially began putting rubber to pavement in late 2017 . The business presently has lots of self-driving vehicles on the roadway, and it was just inescapable that a person of them would be associated with some kind of accident.

There is some information that reveals self-driving vehicles are more secure for travelers than human-operated vehicles, however that does not imply business like Apple, Uber, and Tesla are all set to put their completely automated vehicles into full-blown production simply. Apple’s own automobile task isn’t really anticipated to introduce to the general public till a minimum of 2023 .

In the meantime, keep your eyes on the roadway.

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