This Guy Sued His Ex-Fiance To Get His Engagement Ring Back Betches

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To all my NY-based buddies publishing unbearable motivating photos of just recently obtained diamond rings, I have a caution for you. You much better make that marital relationship work, or the ring is going right back in your sweetheart’ s pocket.(You hear that, Lala? Hold that $150k engagement ring CLOSE.) A minimum of, that held true for New York lady Jennifer Rutten, who was court purchased to return her $40,000 engagement ring to ex-fianc Rodney Ripley recently. The couple divided back in 2011, after being engaged for a little under a year. Due to some very dazzling dubious evasion strategies by Rutten, it took Ripley almost 5 years in court to obtain this outcome. (I would not have actually invested 5 years in court with my ex for anything less than a million, however to each their own.) How did this get so drawn out? Let’s dig in.

From all accounts, it seems like this couple was OD significant with whatever they did. They fell in love while being midway throughout the nation from each other (Ripley in Wisconsin, Rutten in New York), however chose to obtain engaged anyhow. Exactly what could go incorrect? Rutten balled out on a 3-carat cushion-cut ring, and staged a proposition on the Brooklyn Bridge, a location that’s most likely now destroyed for both of them and makes inter-borough travel extremely tough. For unidentified factors, they separated less than a year later on. Ripley asked Rutten to return the ring; Rutten’s action can basically be summarized like this:

Rutten developed a variety of reasons throughout the years for why she wasn’t returning the ring. She declared that she was “ dealing with the after-effects of Hurricane Sandy ” and didn ’ t have time for her previous fianc’ s “ harassment. ” This might be real and extremely unfortunate, however provided the degree of Sandy’s damage is most likely simply an outrageous lie, unless Rutten was living out on Long Island or in Jersey. Whatever, if offered the alternative, I would certainly utilize a natural catastrophe as a reason to hold on to precious jewelry too.

Rutten then attempted the argument that the ring wasn’ t worth enough to require legal action. Ripley had actually taken out a $40,000 insurance coverage policy, so she was kind of out of luck. She declared in court that “ [ Ripley] ended up being more generally violent, mentally violent ” as the relationship went on. While I constantly wish to take claims of abuse seriously, whether Riply was violent has no bearing on her legal right to keep the ring. Rutten mentioned clearly that she was “ mad ” and “ didn ’ t desire to return it. ” There it is. Do not get me incorrect, feeling vindictive and mad is v easy to understand, however the majority of us would simply bury those sensations in ice cream rather of legal charges for a case you will practically absolutely lose.

Ultimately, the judge ruled that she has 45 days to either return the ring or pay her ex the equivalent. It must be following if you find out anything from this. Inning accordance with NY state law, engagement rings are conditional presents, and “ if no marital relationship happens, they need to be returned. ” So if you’re out there dating with the sole intent of putting a year’s income on your finger, simply make certain you in fact get to the “I do.”

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