Boyfriend Of Missing Phoenix Teen Kiera Bergman Refuses Polygraph Test: Exclusive

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The sweetheart of missing out on Arizona teen Kiera Bergman stated Friday that he has actually declined a deal by Phoenix cops to take a polygraph test.

“ I didn ’ t wish to do anything that would offer the sign I was concealing anything however likewise didn’ t desire anything on the record that would have them state I was doing anything or had any part in this, ” Jon-Christopher Clark, 23, informed HuffPost.

“ I informed them I would not like a lie detector test since, ‘ One, they are not acceptable in court, and 2, whatever you people collect from that is generally your analysis on my sensations, ’ ” Clark included. “ So I didn ’ t desire [private investigators] to basically collect [their] conclusions off of something that isnot ensured. ”

But Clark stated private investigators didn ’ t offer him an option when they chose him up at a hotel on Monday early morning and took him to the police headquarters for questioning, “ I simply actually seemed like they were treating me like a suspect.”

Clark, who stated he ’ s been dating Bergman given that December, has regularly rejected he had anything to do with her disappearance, and he has actually not been called as a suspect or individual of interest by authorities. Called by HuffPost on Friday, Phoenix authorities would state just that the case stays “ an active missing out on individual examination.”

While it ’ s not uncommon for detectives to ask for a better half to come in and talk to them throughout a missing out on individual examination, Clark declared that he wasn’ t provided the chance prior to being “ suddenly surrounded by 20 tactical officers ” while having a look at of a regional hotel.

“ They handcuffed me, put me in back of an automobile and, when we got to the interview space, [they] handcuffed me to a table the whole time, ” Clark stated.

Bergman, 19, disappeared without a trace from her Phoenix home on Aug. 4. Inning accordance with her roomie, Destiny Hall-Chand, the 2 had actually been operating at a Glendale furnishings seller that early morning. Bergman, Hall-Chand informed authorities, ended up being significantly upset and left work early.

Clark stated he selected Bergman up from work and took her back to the home, where he likewise lived. He declared they entered into an argument over financial resources. Bergman erroneously believed Clark was leaving Phoenix, where the 2 had actually moved together from San Diego, for a task in Texas. The last contact Clark stated he had with Bergman was when she left of your home around 1 p.m.

“ When she left there was no instant issue since we have actually had arguments in previous where either me or her have actually left for an hour or a couple at a time to go clear our head, ” he stated. “ I didn ’ t actually discover it uncommon up until she wasn ’ t in contact with me. ”

Bergman was not at the apartment or condo when Hall-Chand showed up after work. Hall-Chand, a previous schoolmate of Bergman ’ s, informed authorities she texted her roomie a number of times. Bergman ultimately reacted, stating she was going to go out with a guy she’d just recently fulfilled.

Bergman’ s dad, Chris Bragg, stated he and his spouse did not find she was missing out on up until Aug. 6, when they got a call from Hall-Chand.

“ Around midday she called my spouse and informed her exactly what was going on and asked if they ought to report Kiera missing out on, and my spouse stated, ‘ Absolutely, ’ ” Bragg stated in a Friday interview with HuffPost.

Clark stated he did not discover of the text his sweetheart supposedly sent out to Hall-Chand till they were on the phone with cops.

“ I didn ’ t understand anything about that, ” he stated, stating Hall-Chand had actually rejected speaking to Bergman. Clark stated Hall-Chand’ s sweetheart has “ cut off all interaction ” in between them.

Bragg stated he was informed Hall-Chand and Clark called authorities together, however Clark left prior to the cops appeared, “ which was odd, ” he stated. Clark acknowledged he left prior to cops showed up, stating he was “ sticking with a good friend ” at the time and was not able to get in touch with detectives up until they selected him up Monday.

“ They served a search warrant on my phone, vehicle, the location I was remaining at and spoke to all my pals and household, ” he stated. “ DNA was among the specifications of the court order, so they took my DNA did swabs, all type of finger prints, my wrists, hands, whatever and took many images of me and my tattoos.”

Clark stated he totally complied with cops, other than for consenting to take a so-called lie detector test, and he did not ask for a lawyer.

Clark and Bragg both informed HuffPost they did not get along, even prior to Bergman’ s disappearance, which increased stress. Bragg stated Clark sent him a Facebook message on Tuesday where the sweetheart threatened to “ kick my teeth in. ” Clark confessed sending out the message to Bragg and offered HuffPost with screenshots of the discussion.

Bragg stated Hall-Chand had actually not remained in interaction with his household given that last Saturday, when she let them inside the home she showed their child and Clark. HuffPost was not able to get in touch with Hall-Chand.

During the trip of his child’ s home recently, Bragg stated, his child ’ s bed room was the only space in the house where it appeared criminal offense scene service technicians had actually gotten rid of products.

“ The bed linen was removed off the bed taken as proof however aside from that, it appeared like a college kids ’ home, ” he stated. “ It didn ’ t have a great deal offurnishings and wasn ’ t truly good. ”

Bragg likewise declared that authorities informed him detectives had actually discovered a few of his child’ s individual valuables in an uncommon location.

“ Her ID for work, her bag with her id, wallet and credit cards, was discovered included the back of her closet, ” he stated. “ That is unusual. What lady tosses her bag in the back of her closet?”

Authorities on Friday would not validate or reject that Bergman’ s individual products were discovered in a closet.

Bragg explained his child’ s disappearance as “ ravaging ” and stated he hopes regret will ultimately provoke somebody to come forward.

“ We simply desire her back, ” he stated. “ Please, simply call the cops. A piece of our heart is missing out on, and without it we wear’ t feel entire. It ’ s heartbreaking. Please, someone, state something.”

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The household has began a GoFundMe project to raise loan for travel and search expenditures. Since Friday, the project had actually raised more than $15,000. Pals and relative are likewise publishing updates on Facebook . They are motivating everybody to share Bergman ’ s story utilizing the tag #bringkierahome .

Kiera Bergman is a black lady, 5 feet, 3 inches, and 145 pounds . Anybody with any details is asked to call the Phoenix Police Department ’ s Missing Persons Unit at(602) 534-2121.

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