Thailand’s Agama yoga school to close after sexual assault claims

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Koh Phangan retreat will shut for restructuring after claims, exposed in the Guardian, versus its leader

The world’s most significant tantric yoga school has stated it will shut down up until completion of the year after the Guardian released claims by 14 ladies declaring rape and sexual assault over a duration of 15 years.

Sixteen previous personnel and students of the Agama school on the Thai island of Koh Phangan declared in interviews with the Guardian that it helped with rape, sexual attack and misogynist mentors at the hands of its leader Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, a Romanian whose genuine name is Narcis Tarcau.

The plaintiffs declare that numerous females were conditioned into thinking that sex with Tarcau would recover them physically and spiritually.

The school states it is carrying out an independent query into the claims. In a declaration launched days after the Guardian released the claims, Agama stated it “seriously apologise [s] again for any damage that any Agama instructor might have triggered” and revealed it would be closing the school up until December to perform a “restructuring”.

Tarcau is comprehended to have actually left Koh Phangan in July, when numerous ladies went public with the accusations of abuse at Agama, and is not in Thailand. He might not be reached straight for remark.

In extra to the sexual attack accusations, the 16 previous students and personnel have actually likewise declared that Tarcau encouraged them of “unsafe” theories which had long-lasting health ramifications, consisting of that following Agama yoga mentors implied you would not get cancer, in addition to actively condemning using prophylactics as they “interrupted the circulation of energy” throughout sex.

Chlamydia was apparently swarming throughout the school, with numerous females stating they contracted the infection there. One female informed the Guardian she invested more than 200 on STI tests throughout her time at Agama.

“Swami” vivekananda saraswati. “src=””/> Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, genuine name Narcis Tarcau. Photo: Retreat.Guru

Another, Nancy Miller, who was an instructor at Agama, stated she had actually discovered a swelling in her breast however did not follow it up. “I in fact believed ‘I’m an Agama yogi, this is difficult’ so didn’t getting the mammogram,” she stated. It was the discovery in 2012 that she did have breast cancer, which led her to have a mastectomy, that triggered her to sever ties with the school.

Agama refuted claims its mentors had actually been harming to trainees or that the school was a sex cult. It explained the mentors of Agama as “the mixing of contemporary and standard, with a consistent interest towards science and the brand-new research study on yoga and spirituality”.

“Information gotten of context can be misshaped and translated in all possible methods inning accordance with specific interest,” it stated in a declaration to the Guardian. “This is exactly what we see in the accusations on our mentors with the intent of structure in the eye of the general public the image of a cult and ruin our school and organisation.”

Tarcau is likewise declared to have actually asked dedicated students for cash for tasks which never ever materialised, particularly a sanctuary in New Zealand for Agama after he had actually “prophesised” that the 3rd world war would take place in August 2005.

One member remembers Tarcau asking students to pay a preliminary $300, then another $700 to money a group that had actually gone to New Zealand to establish a “safe location”. For those who took longer than a month to pay, they declare that the cost increased to $4,900.

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