CNN 10 – September 7, 2018

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September 7, 2018

Following the reunion of a Thai soccer group with the worldwide professionals who assisted in saving their lives, today’s program has a look back at one of the best saves of the 21st Century. Join us to obtain a sense of simply how bold and knowledgeable the historical effort needed to be.
1. Call the Brazilian location, which was when the house of a Portuguese royal household, that was just recently gutted by a fire that burned the majority of its artifacts.

2. Today, verification hearings started for what U.S. Supreme Court candidate, who would change retired Justice Anthony Kennedy if verified?
3. In what U.S. city were water fountains closed down at all public schools, following the detection of unacceptably high levels of lead and copper in some areas?
4. What nation is recuperating from Typhoon Jebi, which was the greatest storm to make landfall there in years?
5. Exactly what was the name of the hurricane that made landfall on Tuesday night near the border of Alabama and Mississippi?
6. In what southern African country did a preservation group just recently reveal that lots of elephants had been discovered dead from evident poaching, regardless of the federal government’s declaration that the report wasn’t precise?
7. What 2 innovation business sent out top-level executives to Capitol Hill today to discuss exactly what they’re doing to avoid foreign stars from misusing their platforms?
8. What innovation business was not represented at a U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee hearing today due to the fact that it chose not to send out a high-ranking executive to affirm?
9. What country just recently prohibited smart devices for its middle and primary school trainees?
10. In what nation did a group of global cavern professionals and scuba divers work to save a caught soccer group over the summertime?
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