Mom-Of-Six Explains Why Men Cause 100% Of Unwanted Pregnancies And Many Agree

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An American mom of 6 has actually chosen to share her viewpoint on a delicate topic, and she’ s not ready to jeopardize. Author Gabrielle Stanley Blair, 44, from Oakland, California, relied on Twitter to argue that unintended pregnancies are constantly the male’ s fault, no matter exactly what the scenarios and her thread went viral.

“ I ’ ve been exercising the ideas I provided in the post over the in 2015, ” Gabrielle informed Bored Panda . “ I in fact composed the thread about 3 months earlier, and after that thought twice to make it public — Twitter can be an extreme location and I stressed my household would be assaulted. ” Watching the Kavanaugh hearings, nevertheless, got her to strike release.

Also, Blair is a Mormon and she believes that when it concerns abortion her faiths are on her side, too. “ The Mormon church has standards that consist of abortion as an alternative for rape, health of the mom, and so on, and those exceptions can’ t take place if abortion is unlawful, ” she included. “ My analysis of the Mormon church’ s take is that it is pro-legal abortion. Other church members might translate things in a different way.

Generating almost 185,000 likes and over 72,000 retweets, Gabrielle’ s tweet reignited the ever-lasting argument and if you wish to join it, inform us your ideas in the remarks.

Author Gabrielle Blair from California relied on Twitter to argue that unexpected pregnancies are constantly the guy’ s fault

And her unapologetic thread has actually created almost 185,000 likes and over 72,000 retweets

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