“I Thought IWas Gonna Die”: NBA Star Kevin Love Opens Up About His Battle With Depression & Anxiety

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In an effective piece entitled “ The Courageous Fight to Fix the NBA’ s Mental Health Problem” , ESPN reporter Jackie MacMullan clarifies the psychological health problems that are pestering nearly half of the league, as reported by Dr. William Parham, the NBA’ s director of psychological health and health.

However, just around 5 percent of those gamers are in fact looking for treatment, especially due to the preconception surrounding the topic. As males in an elite league like the NBA, there’ s additional pressure to be difficult and not show weak point, even if that weak point is consuming them alive.

One by one, stars, well-known professional athletes, and your average Joe alike are falling victim to suicide as they view it as their only escape of their anguish. Society has actually sloughed off stress and anxiety as tension and anxiety as unneeded unhappiness, many patients have actually stayed quiet.

Money can’ t purchase your joy or psychological stability, as boldly mentioned by San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan in opening about his own fight with anxiety .

“ People state, ‘ What are you depressed about? You can purchase anything you desire, ’ ” stated DeRozan, who is signed to a 5-year $139,000,000 agreement. “ I want everybody on the planet was abundant so they would understand cash isn’ t whatever, ” he included.


Thankfully, individuals like DeRozan and Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love are a few the strong couple of who are looking for treatment and speaking up about this taboo subject.

In an interview with Carson Daly, Love shared the frightening and intimate information of an anxiety attack he suffered throughout the 3rd quarter of their video game versus the Atlanta Hawks:

“ I had a minute where I believed I was going to pass away. I had never ever skilled something like that. I believed I was having a cardiovascular disease … heart racing, I was playing around trying to find something that I couldn’ t discover. I simply wished to get air, so I wound up essentially unconscious on the flooring and putting my by far my throat and aiming to get something from there, however there was absolutely nothing there.”

While he’ s got both uncertainty and reaction for doing so, Love hopes that utilizing his voice to remove the preconception surrounding stress and anxiety and anxiety deserves the danger.

Others have actually showered him with frustrating support, consisting of colleague LeBron James who tweeted his assistance for Love.

See Love’ s complete interview with Carson Daly in the video listed below, and make sure to share this essential message with your good friends on Facebook. Together, we can shatter the preconception.

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