All The Times The Vanderpump Rules Cast Cheated Betches

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In Los Angeles, there are a couple of things that are plentiful. Sunlight, Botox, and cheaters. It’s the land of crushed dreams and hopes and the upper class. Or truly, extremely knowledgeable cosmetic surgeon. If the crazies on Vanderpump Rules taught us anything, it’s that guys are garbage and trust nobody. I do not know why any of them trouble remaining in relationships or getting wed– did you people understand you can simply sleep with whoever you desire and not even lie to anybody? It’s called being single. Attempt it. Anyhow, here are all the times the Vanderpump Rules cast cheated on their loved ones.


Stassi, the chin-implanted OG Queen of SUR, was a victim of among the most significant unfaithful scandals on truth TELEVISION, thanks to her douchebag sweetheart at the time, Jax. His unfaithful was so bad that it eclipses her most likely psychological affair she was having with total sleaze Frank, another SUR lackey. Frank went on to try and share to offer a video of Stassi masturbating. What gems.


The initial king of f * cking up. Who hasn’t Jax slept with? After passionately rejecting unfaithful, we discovered that Jax did fertilize a bottle service waitress in Vegas while he was with Stassi. Wildly enough, that wasn’t even the greatest scandal of the season. Since that’s when we discovered that Jax likewise slept with Kristen, Stassi’s friend, and Jax’s friend’s sweetheart. Yikes. Think exactly what people? Jax discovers absolutely nothing. He then continues to play both Carmen and Tiffany. Tiffany books him a remarkable paid-for journey to San Diego, where he sleeps with a rando there. He begins dating Brittany, which he lies about to Lala and states he desires to f * ck her (which I’m gon na go ahead and call CHEATING), and then he sleeps with fellow SUR worker Faith . And Brittany forgives him. And let’s be genuine, from exactly what we’ve seen in season 6, he isn’t really even good to Brittany . Jax, you’re incredibly fortunate you’re engaged to somebody as dumb sweet as Brittany since I would have castrated you.

Tom Sandoval

I have no idea how Sandoval gets away with a lot. He is basically as slutty as Jax, however he’s so lovely everybody simply right away forgives him. After Jax cheated with a bottle service waitress in Vegas, Sandoval did the exact same specific thing to Kristen right after. We discovered out he likewise cheated on her with Ariana. They state they simply kissed, which is still cheating, however offered this man’s performance history, I will call bullsh * t on that. He can sleep with a rando waitress however not overall babe Ariana who he undoubtedly had sensations for? Not purchasing it. I imply, Kristen’s unfaithful was a lot even worse, it made Sandoval appear like the hero here. The trashiest garbage West Hollywood has actually ever seen waltzes into SUR to declare that Sandoval slept with her in Miami when he begins dating Ariana. We’ll never ever understand if Sandoval truly talked to Miami Girl, however in either case, he’s not an angel.

Tom Schwartz

Ah, Schwartzy. This adult infant has no service being wed, specifically due to that he has the tendency to get blackout intoxicated, sleep construct out with randos, put beverages on individuals, then declare he does not keep in mind anything. Let me inform you, Schwartz, if you put a beverage on me, it’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do. Kristen declared that Schwartz cheated on Katie with 2 various women , one being a good friend of Tiffany’s who declares to have actually slept with him. Schwartz made out with one of Scheana’s buddies . We discover out that Tom once again made out with a rando on a person’s journey. IDK, I’m not an attorney, however when these lots of unfaithful allegations show up, a few of which he confessed to, I’m going to state he did it. Great luck with the marital relationship.


While we’re on the subject of Katie, considering she simply follows around Schwartz and whines, it looks like she ‘d have no other time for unfaithful. According to Scheana, Katie obviously “motorboated some person’s cock” wayyy back in season 3. I do not believe this is a thing, however all the men were leaping all over her about it. Other than for Schwartz, who in normal Schwartzy style DGAF. Did Katie cheat? I imply, I seem like this occasion occurred, however it’s so odd, I’m not exactly sure if it’s unfaithful. Sorry, Bubba.


We understand Ariana cheated with Sandoval while he was with Kristen, however I do not believe we’ve heard anything about Ariana unfaithful on him. Given, she mainly follows him around weeping. Ariana, you utilized to be so cool. Do not let a male do this to you.


Scheana’s greatest specialty isn’t really her terrible singing profession or Dead-Tooth-Gate, however that she was among Eddie Cibrian’s girlfriends while he was still wed to Brandi Glanville. Dream huge, lady. She certainly understood he was wed with kids, so I do blame her for her participation in this. She then continued to weep about how Brandi didn’t like her, although she said sorry. Like, Scheana. That’s reasonable. You f * cked the lady’s partner– one apology isn’t really going to unexpectedly make you besties. That’s not how the world works. I’ll take a pinot grigio.


Ah, Kristen. SUR’s resident psychopath. This is going to take a while. Let’s see. Kristen slept with Jax while dating his friend Sandoval, and after that continued to lie about it permanently. Just recently, James tweeted allegations that Kristen was a “” who “cheats around”. Like, are you shocked? Kristen perhaps cheats on Carter with Brittany (we’ll get to that later on). (once again, perhaps) cheats on Carter with James in Mexico. Has Kristen truly altered? I’ll let you all choose.


James and Kristen might privately be soulmates, since oh my GOD, is this male garbage. I do not even feel comfy calling him a male. He’s likewise an adult child. With insane eyes. James cheats on Kristen with both Lala (who believed he was single) and Jenna, which he lied ready to her face, then revealed they were “absolutely boning” in his interview. He likewise slept with Lala’s work pal while pursuing her, as evidenced by horrible bite marks all over him. He cheats on his existing sweetheart , Raquel, with 2 previous SUR staff members. Next, James has a suspicious relationship with his BFF Logan, who is certainly in love with him, and clearly being led on. And to top it off, James potentially cheats with Kristen, which we understand thanks to some smoking cigarettes swimming pool floaties. Run, Raquel, run. . Does he advise anybody else of among the Muppets?


Before Lala was with Her Man, she was the victim of being cheated with She has yet to cheat on anybody to our understanding. To be reasonable, both Jax and James informed her they were single when they pursued her, so she actually isn’t really to blame for any of that. When Schwartz make out with her good friend, Lala likewise informed Katie. Who would have believed that Lala is the only one who really GAF about Girl Code? It quickly came out when Lala began dating Her Man, Randall Emmett, that he had a spouse and kids. It’s uncertain if they were separated when he started his affair with Lala, however in some way I question it. He has actually given that separated his spouse and he and Lala are engaged.


In a v unexpected twist, after being cheated on and verbally abused by revolting trash sweetheart, Jax, Brittany is reported to have actually cheated on Jax with none aside from Kristen. As LVP puts it, Jax strolls in on Kristen “devouring on Kentucky muffin”. In a manner, I sort of believe it’s amusing, however likewise, Brittany, c’mon, there are lots of hot lesbians in LA, you can absolutely do much better. Brittany and Kristen reject it took place, however like, that is an extremely odd thing for Jax to make up. If it’s Jax, even.


Oh begun, LVP and Ken are overall relationship objectives and I would pass away if either of them ever cheated. I likewise would not be amazed if they were privately swingers. LVP is devoted to our understanding, although she does referee all the unfaithful scandals and drama with her ridiculous personnel. Exactly what would we do without her wonderful one-liners?

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