The Juiciest ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Social Media Drama From This Summer Betches

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On a scale of 1 to Jennifer Aniston’ s nipples in every episode of Friends, how ecstatic are you for season 7 of Vanderpump Rules!.?. !? The program hasn ’ t even aired a trailer for the upcoming season, however they’ re plainly recording their juiciest episodes. How do we understand this? Their social networks drama, obviously! Social network is an echo chamber of debauchery, bullsh, and narcissism * t, so certainly it’ s where attention sluts who have no other innovative outlet or implies to discover satisfaction or recognition reign king. Here’ s the rundown on the juiciest Vanderpump Rules social networks drama this summer season.

Lala Kent’ s Following List

Lala Kent is the realest b * tch on the program. Well, not externally, due to the fact that she’ s pumped filled with silicone and fillers. As your middle school assistance therapist stated, “ It ’ s exactly what’s on the within that counts. ” Not that you paid attention to her, due to the fact that she used adult braces and purchased clothing from Talbots, however it completely uses here. Anyhow, Lala is really selective with who she follows, so her list below list on Instagram is constantly an excellent go-to to see exactly what’ s up. Who is she following? Logan Noh, who spread out reports that he had a gay affair with James Kennedy, with whom Lala is not on great terms at the minute. The opponent of your opponent is your ride-or-die?

But who isn’ t she following? Off, her own fianc. And he doesn ’ t follow her back. How extremely Justin Bieber of him. She legit did that to keep him under covers and the feline’ s kinda out of the bag since he proposed to her and provided her an engagement ring so huge you can see it from the 405. Even more intriguing? She’ s not following Billie Lee any longer, who she was buddy-buddy with last season. We’ ll get to that in a minute.

Chrissy Teigen’s Tweets

Chrissy Teigen is understood for being quite honest on Twitter as much as she’ s understood for being consumed with Vanderpump Rules, so it was juicy AF when she talked 10 countless her fans that there’ s a few “ Vanderpumpers ” she does NOT like.

For the record, anyinteraction I ’ ve had with kim or nene has actually been wonderful. And funny. All the homemakers, truly. There was just one vanderpumper that required an excellent push back down to earth

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) April 24, 2018

Who could that “ Vanderpumper ” be? My cash ’ s on Scheana due to the fact that well, I ’ m fully grown sufficient to confess I ’ m immature adequate to be prejudiced and I simply do not like her. Whatever. No individual concerns, please.

Jax Taylor’ s Instagram Freakout

Jax Taylor is vulnerable to a great deal of social networks hate, and he is quicker with the block button than Jonathan Cheban is . He seldom goes on social media tirades. He might’ ve quickly stuck up for his now-fianc e Brittany when she was being body-shamed, however he didn’ t. He might ’ ve stuck up for James Kennedy after he tossed James under the bus and comprised a report that he cheated on Raquel with Kristen, however he didn’ t. He chose to select an actually strange hill to pass away on: when somebody informed him that they hoped his canine gets run over by an automobile. Whoa. Method severe, Tai.

View this post on Instagram

Say exactly what you desire about me, I provide no fucks if you like me or not, however if you pursue individuals or animals that put on ’ t have a voice you should have whatever that comes your method, make no error it ’ s social networks definitely no factor for this sort of habits, it ’ s computed. Stating Sorry will not deal with me. I have ZERO tolerance for this, you have actually been cautioned. You desire to be “ adorable ” or “ brave ” or believe you are amusing, you have that. I will discover you. This needs to end now. Develop others up that put on ’ t have a voice in life make everybody feel unique. I am not bullying this “ college lady who is obviously wise adequate to be in school however not wise sufficient to not bully individuals on social networks. The “ I am sorry ” or the “ bad me ” will not deal with me. And all disregarding does is enable more school shootings, more suicides it needs to fucking start someplace. Gain from this carry on and alter your methods, turning your head and disregarding in this day and age not does anything. I am tired of it. Enjoy your day. You all should have to be pleased. And last but not least I am not stating to assault anybody or perhaps this individual I am stating this so individuals know exactly what is going on and to report them. It ’ s an embarassment I needed to utilize this individual as an example however it needs to begin someplace.

A post shared by Look, as any sorority lady would tweet, “ I truthfully enjoy pets more than kids, ” which ’ s real. Canines being much better than people is an incontrovertible fact. Jax tossing a sorority woman level fit on social media is simply kinda unusual. Like, you’ll let individuals insult you and your pals on the routine, however this is where you fix a limit? I think Lisa’s Vanderpump Dogs structure has actually been actually making an effect on Jax.

Billie Lee’s Feud With The Entire VPR’Cast

Okay, so last season was one huge competitors to see who might be the most singing about how motivating and terrific Billie Lee is. And it’ s real– her journey is unbelievable. This summertime the claws lastly came out on social media. And it’ s about damn time, due to the fact that science reveals that the quantity of inspiring quotes you publish on social networks is straight proportional to how absurd you remain in reality. Okay, that research study hasn’ t took place yet, however I’m presently crowdsourcing the financing for it, so strike me up in the remarks. For genuine, science has actually currently shown that those fitness center selfies you take might make you a narcissist , so it’ s just a matter of time prior to Harvard gets on studying inspiring quotes too.

Anyway, Billie Lee initially captured our eye on Instagram when she called everybody out about being left out in the preparation of SUR girls ’ night, and wasn ’ t tagged in a photo promoting the occasion. Stassi and Tom called her melodramatic, and considering that it’ sVanderpump Rules, this was just the start. A couple of weeks later on, Billie published an Instagram about hosting a breakfast with James Kennedy and tossed some shade at a few of her SUR household, the majority of whom were off partying in Mexico.

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