Speak Your Fu*king Truth

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Speak Your Fu * king Truth

Weakness just compromises us when it is withdrawn or kept, and I’m sick of the bullshit preconception surrounding psychological health.

We’re pressed to bottle it up and slap a ridiculous smile on our face and tackle our days pretending whatever is great, great, great, when it’s not, not, not, simply include a filter and phony it till you make it. Even if you can hardly take the embarassment and hurt that originates from concealing your reality from the world, simply conceal it anyhow.

And whatever you do, certainly do not reveal the darkness in your mind or the gloom in your chest due to the fact that then individuals will understand that you’re not best. And God forbid, we cannot have that. If we all play pretend, we can all fit in, and isn’t really that a pleased little ending?

“One, 2, 3 smile and state CHEESE!'”

It appears to be working however it’s not, and the only boat that’s rocked when we prevent vulnerability and sincerity at all expense is our own. We’re tossed overboard grasping an anchor for assistance as the entire world is chewing out us to drift and informing us to stop grumbling, that we’re great, that it might constantly be even worse.

Here is the suggestions we’re provided: Just lie and conceal to camouflage exactly what’ s actually going on inside yourself. Play pretend and pretend the important things you require aren’t worth speaking, aren’t that essential, aren’t a needed part of living your finest life. Why speak your mind and share your heart when you can simply bury it and inform the world you’re great?

“I’m great.”

“Really, I’m great.”

“It’s all great, great, great”


Here are an alternate set of truths to utilize when aiming to choose how finest to continue:

Fact: Shit takes place.

Fact: Nobody has everything determined.

Fact: It’s all right to feel nevertheless the hell you have to feel.

Fact: If you do not desire particular individuals in your life, you do not have to keep them in your life.

Fact: You are braver than you believe, and sharing weak point suggests strength. Weak point that is acknowledged, accepted, and shared is not weak point at all. It is guts. It is brave. It is strength.

Fact: Anyone who informs you otherwise is mistaken, incorrect, frightened, or an asshole.

Let’s assistance each other be strong by assisting each other feel weak, all right?


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