I Tried The Glossier Zit Stick To See If It Really Treats Acne In 3 Hours Betches

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First things initially, I have the world’s most delicate skin. At 24 years of ages, I’ ve yet to discover a facial cleanser that I in fact like. Due to the fact that absolutely nothing else will work, I have actually legally resorted to utilizing a body wash for my face. I likewise experience full-blown adult acne and often, even cystic acne (I understand, some women truly do have everything!). I’ ve accepted it and have(luckily) come a long method because undergrad. Scream out to Mario Badescu, tbh. There are still numerous early mornings where I wake up to discover a zit that feels like it’ s the size of a little nation. When I simply desire it to disappear ASAP, absolutely nothing. works. As least not as quick as I desire it to. When Glossier came out with a area treatment called the Glossier Zit Stick that apparently works marvels in simply a couple of HOURS, you’ re damn ideal I had to get my hands on that sucker and attempt it instantly.

Prior to utilizing it, I had actually done my comprehensive research study Google browsing, as I constantly do prior to putting anything brand-new on my face. Not just does the product packaging appearance quite and small (v travel-friendly), however its components include tea tree oil, capryloyl salicylic acid (a method less extreme variation than routine salicylic acid), and benzoyl peroxide. Currently sounds great. Plus, simply as an included perk, it’s hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten- and cruelty-free.

Glossier Zit Stick

Many individuals can have bad negative effects to benzoyl peroxide considering that it can be drying and strong on skin, so although I felt my skin had actually been utilized to it in the past, I utilized my favorite moisturizer ahead of time, juuust in case. Because you can utilize the Zit Stick up to 3 times a day, I began utilizing it around 10am straight on fresh red and inflamed zits (in my cheek and nose locations) prior to I completed putting my makeup on. Observation: you can completely layer it under your structure, so significant points.


I then used it once again prior to bed the very same day. Like, P.S. please reason both my really uncomfortable face and horrible restroom lighting. This currently took enormous guts (without any alcohol taken in) to reveal my non-countoured face. I’m presuming you understand the battle. I’ m not an appeal vlogger by any ways, ok? Proceeding.

The next day in the middle of preparing yourself, I had actually currently discovered a substantial distinction. Did it operate in 3 hours? Not. Did it work? In my viewpoint, yes. * In a truly expert scientist-like sounding voice * As seen here, while both locations aren’ t totally clear, the soreness has actually virtually disappeared and the swelling has actually decreased enormously. I am truthfully satisfied. I didn’ t experience a single unfavorable side-effect (and I would’ ve discovered immediately), and my skin doesn’ t appear to decline it at all.


Because I understand a few of you will undoubtedly ask: No, Glossier did not pay me to compose this evaluation. Often you simply evaluate items from your very own interest and they wind up doing precisely what they declare to do. I understand, it’s insane. If you ever suffer from breakouts, the ethical of this evaluation is that the Glossier Zit Stick is worth a shot. (And if you do not, kindly contribute your skin to me. Thx.) For the cost ($14), you’d be kicking yourself if you didn’ t include the Zit Stick to your Glossier cart. I seem like this is a much better thing to keep in your bag than a Tide-to-Go pen, and understanding that any PMS- or stress-induced zit is just a swipe far from vanishing is a level of convenience you cannot put a rate on.

Photos: Alexandra Gorn / Unsplash; Glossier

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