Last new Ford Falcon found in dealer’s garage

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(Westpoint Ford)

It ’ s an uncommon bird.

Two years after Ford ended automobile production in Australia, the last brand-new cars and truck left in stock has actually been offered.

It didn ’ t take so long since no one desired it, however since barely anybody learnt about it.

The Melbourne-area automobile dealership who had it was preparing to keep the Falcon sedan as a keepsake and parked it in the back of a garage, in spite of the truth that the last vehicles remained in hot need and selling with huge markups.

But when the dealer was offered last month, the brand-new owners discovered it there amongst the stock, reports.


But in spite of the truth that the very first XR8 Sprint cost$65,000, or$20,000 over list, the dealership let the last cars and truck go on Tuesday for around$50,000, total with a 5-year guarantee.

The next time you see it on sale, it likely won ’ t be such an offer.

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