Jeffree Star Is Still Racist! Why Shane Dawson’s Jake Paul Videos Are SO LONG! Angelina Jolie Is Cruel! And… – Perez Hilton

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Jeffree Star called a charm vlogger the N word , Jackie Aina declares.

Why Shane Dawson s videos about Jake Paul are over 40 minutes each!

Parents must have the ability to have their kids tattooed we believe! U ????

It is so cold what Angelina Jolie is doing to Brad Pitt !

Mischa Barton is signing up with The Hills and we’re extremely bittersweet about that!

Damon Wayan s shock exit from Lethal Weapon revive his fired costar!

The brand-new bling ring BUSTED!

Kanye West validates he’s stopped taking his psychological health medication.

Kim Kardashian is sorry!

Caitlyn Jenner s made complex relationship with her brand-new sweetheart!

And more these days’s most popular subjects, consisting of Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, Donald Trump, Katy Perry, Johnny Depp, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson, Fan Bingbing and MORE! See! LINKS BELOW!

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ANGELINA JOLIE hindering Brad Pitt’ s custody gos to:

MISCHA BARTON addes as Hills castmember:

DAMON WAYANS leaving Leathal Weapon:

KANYE WEST off his medications:

KANYE ’ s daddy beats cancer:

KANYE still grieving mommy:


NICKI MINAJ opens about struggling with domestic abuse:

KENDALL JENNER and Anwar Hadid going strong:

CAITLYN JENNER living and dealing with brand-new gf:

KIM KARDASHIAN excusing weight remark:


JOHNNY DEPP continues to reject Amber Heard abuse claims:

SARAH JESSICA PARKER won ’ t do movie without Kim Cattrall:

KATE HUDSON delivers:

FAN BINGBING owes Chinese federal government over$100 million:

MOM detained for letting her 10 yo kid get tattooed:!.?.!

JEFFREE STAR ’ s racist words towards charm vlogger:!.?.!

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