JWoww’s Estranged Husband Jokes He’s Using Shock Therapy To Become A Better Partner – Perez Hilton

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This is some stunning things

Jenni “ JWoww ” Farley and Roger Matthews simply revealed their divorce recently, however he isn’t quiting on attempting to be a much better husband!

Roger joked on his Instagram about a shock treatment gadget he states he had actually implanted into his back that is “particularly created for males to progress hubbies.”


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Technology is a fantastic thing. Science has actually advanced to the point my where they make shock treatment particularly developed for males to progress other halves. I had this gadget set up with shock leads that go straight into my spinal column and my other half holds the controller and settings. It’ s called the “ Dirtbag 9000 ”. It has voice acknowledgment so if you question your partner it will light you up like a fucking Christmas tree. It has 4 settings. 1. You’ re a cunt 2. I ought to have stuck with my ex 3. I hope you pass away a sluggish unpleasant death 4. Simply for enjoyable.(Which is the most effective setting and resembles being shot by a cops taser) Humor has actually constantly been my method through life. Wishing a much better tomorrow. Love you @jwoww

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Apparently, the gadget has 4 settings: “1. You’ re a c ***, 2. I must have stuck with my ex, 3. I hope you pass away a sluggish unpleasant death, 4. Simply for enjoyable.”

Roger is sounding a little bitter about the split, and has actually likewise upgraded his IG bio to show his marital relationship upgrade:

“Good father.Horrible husband.Worst enthusiast ever.10 foot bulletproof.figuring and high life out.”


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