I Tried A Bunch Of Natural Relaxation Methods & Here’s What Worked Betches

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You understand those days where if you get another e-mail, you’ re going to toss your iPhone under the train? Your mama calls and you begin freaking out since no, you wear’ t have a strategy. And after that, Whole Foods runs out Halo Top and you need to wait in line for 30 minutes since everybody chose to go grocery shopping at the exact same time. All you desired to do was lie in bed and watch Friends all day. If just slouching all the time was, like, a real task.

Acknowledging that we ’ re stressed out is a growing motion. And considering that extended periods of tension cause cortisol (the main tension hormonal agent)to increase and greater cortisol levels cause weight gain, cardiovascular disease, memory issues, headaches, and anxiety, sensation stressed is not a joke. In addition, there ’ s more awareness that stress and anxiety is a real issue that impacts a minimum of a 3rd of the world . And truthfully, the number seems like it must be greater given that actually all of my buddies experience being nervous (however possibly it &rsquo ; s due to the fact that we ’ re stressed millennials ).

In any case, considering that tension is bad for both your psychological and physical health, I ’ m constantly trying to find methods to de-stress. A year earlier, the New york city Times composed an short article about how the “ Prozac Nation is Now the United States of Xanax, ” so sure, I ’ m aware there are lots of drugs that medical professionals enjoy to push on their clients . Considering that I ’ ve constantly liked attempting unusual things, I desired to check out some alternative approaches of de-stressing. Because I have no background in anything medical(does leaving of pre-med count?), I relied on Google(which all of us understand is completely reputable )and chose to attempt them out.

Here are the lead to my completely clinical one-test subject research study on alternative medicine/new age-y methods to relax.


I bought a diffuser and some oils from Urban Outfitters. Lavender oil apparently lowers tension (plus, you understand, smells beautiful )so I believed I ’d attempt it. Some vital oils can likewise be used to the skin when watered down, however a word of caution: like many things in an extremely inconsistent health market, there’s very little conclusive proof on whether necessary oils must be consumed. Personally, I would most likely avoid from swallowing important oils. do not diffuse around your family pets . Anyhow, I have no intend on unintentionally passing away in the pursuit of journalism, so I simply stuck to spritzing lavender in the air. The entire experience felt rather spa-like and did momentarily eliminate some stress. I expect I might have lit a candle light rather, however for some factor, vital oils are all the rage. Plus I ’ m attempting not to get expelled for mistakenly burning down Stanford.


Breathing in fact strangely works. Breathe in through one nostril, and after that breathe out through the next. The act of concentrating on my breathing appears to have a soothing result for some factor. It’s essentially, meditation, which I ’ m sure it would work– in theory. If I might take a seat and not have my mind roam after 30 seconds(“this is a wild-goose chase. I actually might be ending up that paper so I can get blacked this evening at a mixer …”)that would be a wonder. Ithink the entire point is to let go of your ideas and simply get in touch with your nature, however it ’ s type of tough when my ideas are going crazy all the time. Let’s simply stick to breathing for now.


Did these make a distinction or did I wish to purchase another randomthing from Urban Outfitters? The world will never ever understand. Hey, obviously, increased quartz promote excellent vibes, so I figured, why not get a couple of? At least, they make my glum cement block of a dormitory a little less ugly.

Cutting Out Caffeine

Someone as soon as informed me coffee increases your metabolic process, so I ’ ve been consuming it like mad since. The problem? It likewise boosts tension, so perhaps my 3 triple shot lattes a day were not the very best concept. In pursuit of de-stressing, I chose to quit caffeine for a couple of days and it was TERRIBLE. Truthfully terrible. I began dropping off to sleep by 5pm, I had a splitting headache, and I did not in any method feel less stressed out. Would I have felt less stressed out if I chose to press through my caffeine withdrawal? Perhaps, however you attempt composing a paper with a migraine.


Sounds garish, however crafts can absolutely launch tension. Obviously, the act of doing the very same recurring action over and over is calming , so scrapbooking or drawing or knitting are all great concepts if you ’ re sensation overwhelmed. Truthfully, drawing is actually healing, as was scrapbooking all my memories of in 2015 in a week, which I keep will be charming one day in spite of the reality that all my pals believe I ’ m exceptionally maudlin.

If all of these sound dumb to you, then I advise tension baking. At thereally least, you ’ ll wind up with some dope chocolate chip cookies or something.

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