Sweden is voting in a pivotal election. Here’s how it stacks up to Europe on the key issues

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(CNN)Voters in Sweden will cast their tallies Sunday in a possibly game-changing election that might see the Sweden Democrats– an as soon as unknown reactionary celebration with neo-Nazi roots– end up being the second-biggest celebration in the continually left-leaning nation.

While the migration argument has actually controlled the headings, there are a host of other crucial problems on citizens’ minds, consisting of health care, education and the environment.

Here’s a take a look at how Sweden compares on these problems with the rest of Europe– and what the nation’s biggest political celebrations are vowing to do to tackle them.
These consist of the judgment Social Democrats, a center-left and traditionally working-class celebration; the Moderates, a typically center-right celebration; and the Sweden Democrats, the hard-right celebration that likewise declares to wish to support the nation’s generous social advantages.


Healthcare is the leading problem for 38% of Swedish citizens , according to current surveys, and has actually been among the main focuses of the project.

    Few Swedes question the quality of the care they get. Numerous others lament the long waits they often sustain to gain access to that care.
    “Ordinary individuals believe the ease of access to health care is actually bad,” stated Henrik Oscarsson, teacher of government and electoral research studies at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. “Of course, when you get assist it’s first-rate, however it requires time for individuals [to] enter into the system.”
    The bad working conditions of nurses and other personnel operating in senior care has actually been another enduring concern. Because 2005, the variety of clients per team member has actually continued to increase, Expressen reported , putting severe pressure on currently taxed employees.
    As personnel have actually ended up being more discontented, the quality of care used has actually likewise fallen. Around 50% of personnel are thinking about stopping their tasks, Expressen reported .
    All the significant celebrations, consisting of the Social Democrats, the Sweden Democrats, and the Moderates– forecasted in a current survey to win 25%, 17.2% and 17% of the vote , respectively– have actually consisted of procedures to cut waiting times as part of their project efforts.
    The Social Democrats likewise plan to work with and train 14,000 brand-new health care employees to resolve the existing space in workers that is presently postponing access to treatment.

      The Sweden Democrats have actually profited from those stress and increased in the surveys, from 2.9% in the 2006 election to around 17% in current ballot.

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