Artist Gives Disney Princesses Disabilities And Disorders To Advocate An Important Message

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There is no doubt that Disney princesses have and constantly will be a fantastic source of motivation for artists. This time they are not the primary characters of the story.

The series called “ Royal Service Dogs ” shows classical Disney princesses as people with impairments being assisted by service pet dogs. Arien Smith sees his art as “ both a review on the absence of handicapped characters and advocacy for special needs rights.”

He is likewise a self-identified supporter, fitness instructor, author, and psychological health activist and wishes to have the ability to raise awareness of the lots of manner ins which service pet dogs can support handicapped handlers.

Scroll down the page and see what a terrific job this is.


Cinderella deals with fibromyalgia, which is an unnoticeable condition however can be disabling for many individuals. Your service canine assist her out by eliminating her shoes.


Here the image represents Complex PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder. C-PTSD is a kind of action to extended injury (often in youth). Service pet is assisting her out of a really strong dissociative state, then offering tactile stimulation for convenience and grounding.


Tiana has Autism. Her little service canine (lap dogs are likewise excellent) is not carrying out a job in this figure, however jobs for autistic individuals might consist of tactile stimulation, interruption of physically damaging habits, orientation throughout over-stimulation episodes, and stress and anxiety relaxing.


Belle has Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If somebody approaches her behind, her service pet dog is showing an obstructing position so she can be notified.

Snow White

Snow White dislikes some foods (the artist referred to mace). Her service canine alert to an irritant in her food.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty with Narcolepsy. Your service pet dog is holding his head after an episode of daytime sleepiness. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition that impacts sleep and stimulation.


Pocahontas has diabetes. Her service pet dog is a medical alert pet dog, which informs her through pushing or pawing if her blood sugar level is too low or too high.


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