#BeingMicronesian: online hatred spurs positive fightback

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When Sha Ongelungel saw yet another negative post directed at Micronesians, she chose enough sufficed

It held true of one offending Facebook post a lot of.

Sha Ongelungel, a Palauan-American female, was taking a look at Facebook when she saw yet another bad post directed at Micronesians– individuals from the western sub-region of the Pacific, consisting of the nations of Federated States of Micronesia , Palau, Kiribati, Marshall Islands and Nauru, along with 3 United States areas.

She chose she had actually had enough.

Ongelungel, an author and activist now residing in Hawaii , started sharing examples of online abuse directed towards Micronesians, that she had actually been looking at over the previous 3 years, in what she’s called the “anti-Micronesian thread of embarassment”, under the hashtag #BeingMicronesian.

Among the violent remarks she shared are ones requiring Micronesians to be eliminated, hunted, purged and cleaned.

#BeingMicronesian with this thread. pic.twitter.com/D8xyeGDB22

September 16, 2018

One Facebook post is an image of a cockroach with the remark:”I have utter ridicule towards Micronesians and its neighborhood”[ sic]

A tweet directed to Donald Trump, asked the president to”deport the fucking Micronesians triggering problem”.

“I was simply tired of it,”Ongelungel informed the Guardian. She states xenophobia versus Micronesian individuals is exceptionally typical in Hawaii and progressively in parts of the mainland United States.

“‘You look Micronesian’is utilized as an insult by non-Micronesians, which implies you’re filthy and your clothing do not match,” stated Ongelungel.

Upon Upon finding Sha Ongelungel was Micronesian, a male asked what dining establishment she operated in. Picture: Sha Ongelungel

Ongelungel has actually had individuals inform her

that she’s too quite to be Micronesian, and when had a guy, upon finding she was Micronesian, asked her which dining establishment she operated at.

” Because it’s presumed Micronesians are dishwashing machines, operating in the cooking area, mopping floorings,”stated Ongelungel, who at the time was an art gallery director.

When Ongelungel initially transferred to Hawaii from Oregon, where she was born and raised, her cousin informed her that when she was opting for tasks she need to inform individuals she was from Oregon. If they pushed her even more, he informed her to inform them she was Palauan, however his guidance was: if you inform them you’re Micronesian you most likely will not get the task.

It is tough to acquire numbers on the number of Micronesians reside in the United States, consisting of Hawaii, however some nations in the area have arrangements permitting their people the right to work and live in the United States, causing substantial migration from the islands.

Ongelungel is attempting to accentuate bias– consisting of that individuals from Micronesia depend on well-being, do not work and have a lot of kids– which she feels go mostly undisputed in Hawaiian society, in addition to highlighting the distinctions in culture in between various Micronesian countries.

“As a basic guideline, individuals do not walk and state’I’m Polynesian ‘or’Polynesian is a language ‘, which certainly it’s not, so why do they do that to us?”Since the xenophobia was coming from fellow Pacific islanders, #peeee

She stated these mindsets and remarks were particularly upsetting.

“You wish to believe your entire Pacific household would exist to support you, due to the fact that there are so few people compared to other groups. When you discover that a few of them desire you dead, or believe that your individuals aren’t as excellent as their individuals, it harms.”

Since publishing her #BeingMicronesian threads on Twitter and Facebook, a couple of weeks back, Ongelungel has actually been impressed at the reaction, which has actually been mainly favorable, as individuals shared their own stories of bias, and expressions of uniformity. One female composed on Twitter:” I’ve seen it all prior to … however it still injures a lot. #NoAlohaForUs “.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the last 2 weeks with individuals connecting. For all the hate that these posts reveal, talks of genocide and purging us, it’s likewise been an incredible chance to get in touch with remarkable individuals in those neighborhoods who support us and are our allies,” she stated.

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