Husbands & Wives, Satan Would Do Anything to Keep You from Seeing This Internal Memo

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A Memo Concerning Marriage, Intercepted from Satan’ s Computer


TO: The Principalities and Powers of Darkness

FROM: Lucifer, Prince of Darkness

RE: Stealing Marriage

It’ s pertain to my attention that we actually require to punish this marital relationship thing. While I praise you for the continuing occurrences of infidelity and the amazing divorce rate, for which you ought to be happy, there are still far a lot of human beings honoring God in their marital relationships. It’ s up to you, my satanic forces, to assist me take marital relationship when and for all.


I ’ ve had the Think Tank developing a couple of concepts, and I think we can truly comprise some ground with these recommendations. Everybody, pay attention, and devote these jobs to memory. This is how we acquire finality over fidelity.

Distraction. This is gon na be essential, men. Fortunate for us, innovation is playing right into our claws with this one. We require to step up the video game. We require more couples on their phones. I put on’ t wish to see anybody searching for from their gadgets at the table. And put on’ t believe that kids are omitted from this workout! In fact, if we can reel them in young, we’ ll hold the minds of the future generations. They will think every little lie we spin on social networks and in the political circus therein. We can form their worths and suitables while their moms and dads are too hectic combating and checking out charming memes for equality of the rhinos. To please your present hungers for damage and the unraveling of marital relationship, keep in mind that overstimulated, exhausted kids constantly yelling for mommy and father’ s phone will assist keep everybody off and inflamed balance. Let’ s work to increase everyone ’ s screen time. Got it?

Social Media. Oh, how I enjoy this one. Sure, there’ s still great things that goes on there. Prayer demands and such, however we’ ve began penetrating that specific misstep with the blood circulation of phony prayer chain messages and dislike speech in remark areas. We anticipate that by stiring pride in guy and motivating rage behind a screen we can separate many people into groups. Department is substantial here, ok? Back to marital relationship …

Social Media is a big win for us, people. Not just does it sidetrack couples from having a sincere to goodness discussion with one another, however it likewise stimulates discontent. The fantastic feature of social networks is barely any person is sincere. They can conceal behind their profile. They just share their emphasize reels, and this is where you are available in. When a spouse sees another lady share the arrangement of flowers or sweet card from her male, I require you to stir jealousy and disillusion in her mind. Make her believe things like, “ why doesn ’ t my other half do that? ” And make her ignore the thoughtful things he does do. Essentially, your task is to trick her into believing other guys are more thoughtful than her own.

Another thing operating in our favor are filters. I require you Discouragers and Demons of Self-Hate to keep whittling away at the self-confidence of ladies. Keep whispering to her that she’ s not quite sufficient or thin enough. Sway her to modify her look with filters, posture provocatively for an image, revealing as much flesh as possible, and after that put it through an app to polish off the appearance. When she no longer even appears like herself, I require you to whisper, “ ideal. ”


In the meantime, I require you to cloud the vision of guy. Make him blind to the virtue, appeal, and commitment of his spouse. Tempters, I require you to pull his eyes towards the obviously ideal pictures of other females on social networks. I desire you actually pressing “ the lawn is greener ” idea. This actually deals with both partners. Lead the spouses to search other females’ s spouses, and vice versa. Highlight the defects of each partner, and deceive them into seeing excellence in the masks others use. Make them covet what they do not have, and neglect what they do. You strike with the personal message. You lure with the vanishing Snap.

Make the better half feel quite once again under another guy’ s compliments. Make the spouse feel strong and valued under the gushing remarks of another female. In this stage, continue to sidetrack partners from having any genuine interaction to heal fences. Keep the veil over their eyes, the thorn in their side, and the anger and toxin of unforgiveness in their hearts.

Listen, this is absolutely nothing brand-new. We’ ve been doing it for centuries. Now it’ s simply much easier with the privacy, secrecy, and simple gain access to [to] social media networks. Plus, they make the dispersing of lies a lot quicker and much easier. If you’ re not utilizing social networks like insane, then you require to reach this century. This is our season to shine!

For those of you gunning for the yearly benefit, I have an additional credit task to cause on social media network perusers. Because it’ s ending up being such a crucial aspect of their life, deal with it. Cultivate the concept that what other individuals believe is what’ s essential. Keep in mind the Keeping Up With the Joneses Campaign? This is precisely like that. Just the Joneses now have actually updated filters to use over images of their several journeys to the beach and Disney. A fantastic method to utilize this to our benefit for damaging marital relationship is to persuade partners that they need shows and tell of their love on social networks. If he doesn’ t state it on social networks, he doesn’ t imply it. If you wear ’ t share the present on a social media network or 2, it doesn’ t count. This works twofold for us. Not just does it reproduce envy, [] it likewise develops an incorrect sense of what enjoy truly implies. If we can keep them concentrated on the external looks, they’ ll barely observe when we toxin their withins with bitterness and discontent.

And we can’ t hellip &forget;


Self- privilege. “ You-know-who ” desires them to be a servant per His example. Outrageous! We’ ve been informing them because the Garden they can be gods, so why stop now? The bright side is we’ ve truly been making gains in this department over the previous years or 2. We’ ve made fantastic strides in persuading individuals they are essential and they are worthy of to be dealt with as such, rubbing their pride while promoting a sensation of supremacy. All of us understand marital relationship can’ t work if you aren ’ t ready to serve your partner! Fools.

The excellent aspect of this technological age we now discover ourselves in is that it promotes a fast-food-lane way of life, where folks can get it their method, right now. Everybody is a winner, they all get a prize, and losing isn’ t a choice. Induce the marital spats! We’ re gon na promote a “ wear ’ t pull back ” mindset, and ensure they go to sleep mad.

Spirit of Selfishness, you’ re leading the group on this one. Make better halves just see their own contributions to the household. Harbor in them bitterness for their hubbies not assisting enough. Make them blind to the favorable qualities of one another. The keyword here is “ me. ” Make that the only thing they see.


Busyness. Finally, let’ s seal the offer by keeping partners hectic and tired. It’ s much easier now than ever to keep couples sidetracked by hectic schedules and a frustrating order of business. The gang over at Pinterest has actually been extraordinary at assisting us on this front. They promote a typically unattainable excellence that looks easy. Pinterest Fail? No chance. Pinterest for the win, I state.

Let’ s motivate them to work overtime, for a trip they’ ll be too worn out to take pleasure in. Let them get back tired, irritable, and sensation unappreciated for their efforts. Make every day like the day in the past, taking their delight, and removing any wish for the future. Persuade them to keep their sensations of misery suppressed within, not discussing it as a couple, and ultimately seeming like it’ s their partner ’ s fault they feel by doing this. This mindset will leave them open to your finest lie of all!

When you can whisper, “ Just get a divorce. Altering your partner will alter the mess of your life.”


I hope everybody is as thrilled as I am for this project to take the marital relationships of God’ s most preferred development, His human kids. The very best part is He’ s happy to bring back and bless marital relationship, however they are too blinded by our methods to see that. Keep up the excellent work, people. If we can maintain the speed we’ ll totally ruin marital relationship in no time.

In the meantime, keep your eyes open for my next e-mail. In it, we’ ll talk about the finer points of ruining human beings status post-divorce and infidelity. We’ ll even get the assistance of “ the church ” to make them seem like failures and sinners without opportunity of redemption. Stay tuned.

Yours in Darkness,


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