Standing-desk workers ‘more engaged’

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New research study recommends that standing desks, which enable staff members to change their position throughout the day, might improve efficiency at work.

A variety of NHS personnel were provided brand-new desks and set objectives for standing time.

After a year, scientists discovered sitting time was minimized by more than an hour a day compared to their associates.

Employees who lowered time sitting, by utilizing desks that likewise enabled them to work while on their feet, likewise stated they were less worn out and more engaged.

The research study group, led by Loughborough University and specialists from Leicester, examined 146 primarily inactive NHS personnel.

Seventy-seven were put in an intervention group and offered height-adjustable workstations – likewise called sit-stand desks – while the staying 69 continued with their basic desks.

Working time invested sitting was determined at the start of the research study and once again 3, 6 and 12 months later on.

At the start of the research study, general sitting time was 9.7 hours each day.

Over the course of the experiment, sitting time was lower by 50.62 minutes daily at 3 months, 64.4 minutes daily at 6 months, and 82.39 minutes daily at 12 months.

Those who were offered sit-stand desks likewise reported enhancements in musculoskeletal issues, according to the research study released in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

A survey submitted by the individuals likewise recommended staff members who utilized the sit-stand desks were less distressed and pointed out a better lifestyle – however no noteworthy modifications were discovered for task complete satisfaction, cognitive function or illness lack.

Health advantages

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Medical research study has actually recommended consistent sitting is damaging our health – possibly triggering cardiovascular issues or vulnerability to diabetes.

A study by the British Heart Foundation in 2015 discovered that the typical individual sat for nearly all of the 9 hours invested in the workplace.

But it’s not the case all over.

In Sweden, sit-stand working is prevalent – and in 2014, Denmark made it obligatory for companies to provide their personnel sit-stand desks.

However, the authors of the report state more research study is required to assess the longer-term advantages.

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