7 Crazy Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Will Blow Your Mind Betches

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We live for star chatter. From truth TELEVISION reveals to tabloids, we can not get enough about who our preferred superstars are dating or what they’re consuming for lunch. Not surprisingly so, when a celeb passes away, we have a more powerful psychological action than when our excellent auntie as soon as got rid of passes away. Required evidence? Both Princess Di and Michael Jackson’s funeral service were telecasted and it is approximated that over 30 million individuals tuned in to each of those. To put it in viewpoint, that’s more views than Trump’s inauguration and method more than the variety of individuals who appeared to your auntie’s funeral service. Oops. Death isn’t simply what individuals focus on. Individuals today require thinkings for whatever, which describes the many celeb conspiracy theories surrounding an unanticipated death, a pregnancy, or perhaps a somewhat odd habits. Prepare to question whatever.

1. Avril Lavigne Was Replaced By An Impersonator

People believe our fav Sk8er Girl really dedicated suicide in 2003 and was changed by a doppelgnger. The theory goes that Melissa Vandella presumably substituted Lavigne prior to her “death” to puzzle the paparazzi, however when she did pass away, Vandella actioned in to continue her popularity. Here are their thinkings: one, her nose altered (have these individuals ever become aware of a rhinoplasty??). Her image went from punk to more “bubble gum-y.” I do not argue with this, music artists alter their image typically. Simply take a look at Miley Cyrus !

2. Beyonc Was Never Pregnant With Blue Ivy

I believe I might commit an entire short article to the celeb conspiracy theories including simply Beyonc. The truth that individuals declare her to be the Queen of the Illuminati , individuals think she and Jay-Z utilized a surrogate for their pregnancy with Blue. The greatest “case” these individuals have is her look on an Australia talk Show called Sunday Night. When Bey goes to take a seat, her phony tummy gown folds in an abnormal manner in which persuaded individuals she was using a prosthetic stomach. I believe the most unreasonable “proof” for this conspiracy theory is that there are no photos of Beyonc bring to life Blue. Hmm possibly she didn’t desire pictures of her platinum vagine online? Simply an idea.

3. Britney Spears Worked for George Bush

Ha. I believe this might be my favorite of the unreasonable celeb conspiracy theories. Ever question if it was a coincidence that Britney Spears had some public scandal whenever a federal government event likewise happened? I’m Canadian, so I didn’t, however possibly you did. Individuals believe the federal government paid Spears to have some public scandal each time the Bush federal government screwed up to sidetrack the general public. If this holds true, possibly Trump should begin paying Kanye West?


4. Marilyn Monroe Was Murdered

Monroe was discovered dead in her house on August 5, 1962, and her death was ruled “ intense barbiturate poisoning by unintentional overdose .” Individuals think this isn’t the case. Due to Monroe’s intimate relationships with the Kennedy bros, some hypothesize that her death was arranged by the CIA or mafia since she understood excessive about them. This gets me believing if this held true, nobody would ever understand and the number of other deaths were “mishaps.” * Looks over shoulder *

5. Princess Diana Was Killed By The Royal Family

There are in fact a lot of theories regarding how Princess Diana’s mishap was truly a plot managed by the royal household that the British federal government opened an examination called Operation Paget to take a look at all of them. The most popular conspiracy theory states that Diana was having an affair, got pregnant from stated affair, and the royal household eliminated her to cover it up. Even complete stranger? Diana herself thought the royals sought her which her automobile had actually been damaged that exact same vehicle that crashed and eliminated her. In the 3rd episode of Not Another True Crime Podcast , we explore each conspiracy theory and its plausibility. Listen listed below.

6. Elvis Presley lives

After his death in 1977, individuals included another theory to the master star conspiracy theories list. This time, individuals think that the King of Rock really fabricated his own death to enter into concealing . The Elvis Sighting Society (yes, it’s a genuine thing) is committed to advertising when “Presley” is spotted today. Individuals even declare he was an additional in Home Alone. Can you think of if Elvis was truly positioning as an Elvis impersonator on the Vegas strip? LOL.


7. Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death

People think that Jackson fabricated his own death to escape popularity and to conserve himself from insolvency. Given that Michael has actually been well-known because he was a kid, his entire life has actually been followed by the paparazzi, so I certainly would not blame him for desiring some normalcy. Even more, it is hypothesized that his monetary status wasn’t great near the time of his “death.” By fabricating his death, he understood his sales would escalate and he would no longer remain in a monetary crisis. It’s a quite damn excellent service relocation on the King of Pop’s part if this celeb conspiracy theory is real.

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