Soul Electronics Emotion: cheap wireless earbuds come at a cost

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Soul Electronics provides the Emotion cordless earbuds in either white or black.
Soul Electronics Emotion

The Good

Well-balanced noise • Bass isn’t overmixed • Easy Bluetooth pairing • Comfortable to use for extended periods of time

The Bad

Slippery case with little indent can make it difficult to open • Shorter than anticipated battery life • Microphone is generally unusable for telephone call

The Bottom Line

The Soul Electronics Emotion cordless earbuds aren’t ideal. When the rate is simply $50, it’s much easier to look past the unfavorable and take pleasure in the healthy noise.

Mashable Score 3.5

Cool Factor 3.0

Learning Curve 4.0

Performance 3.0

Bang for the Buck 4.0

Like the majority of brand-new innovations, real cordless earbuds began costly. They’re slowly ending up being more budget-friendly.

Apple AirPods are almost common at this moment, and the only thing truly holding them back is the $159 price. In an AirPod world, Soul Electronics’ $50 Emotion earbuds are attracting. The pledge of six-hour battery life, healthy noise, and a slim style are even much better.

However, the huge concern is: How these compare to more pricey styles like Apple’s? I changed from utilizing AirPods daily to the Emotion buds, and the outcomes were unexpected.

A slippery case

Good luck attempting to open the slippery case.


Like the majority of true-wireless earbuds, the Emotion features a case that does double task for storage and charging. Because these are totally cordless earbuds, there is no charging port on the earbuds themselves. Rather, you set the right and left ones into particular cradles in the event where the charging pins can link.

Rather than a white bring case formed like floss, the Emotion case is a broader rectangular shape that can be found in either white or black. It can still suit your pocket conveniently or in the palm of your hand. It’s a discomfort to open — that’s primarily due to the fact that of the smooth external covering. When opening the case, the small indent on the front likewise does not have adequate depth to make it helpful.

Word to the smart: Don’t consume potato chips or anything oily prior to trying to open these. It will not end well.

The charging pins on the Emotion quickly click in with the opposite ones in the event.


Unlike the Crazybaby Air 1S , another real cordless set, it does not need a Master’s degree to charge these. Simply rest them in their particular areas, and a circle in the middle will radiance. That’s the only sign you get that they’re charging. A microUSB port on the back lets you charge the case when it lacks juice to charge the earbuds.

Super light-weight earbuds

These cordless earbuds stand out a lot less than Apple’s AirPods.


While the case has a couple of misdirected options, the earbuds are light at simply 5 grams each. The absence of heft makes a significant distinction in fit, particularly if you have delicate ears. For some, Apple’s AirPods can be uneasy to use for extended periods of time, partially due to their lengthened style.

Emotion does not guide far from the basic course for earbuds. The physical idea extends from the primary bud, where you’ll discover the charging ports and the real sound innovation. This isn’t a totally sealed style, and as such, the earbuds aren’t water resistant. Or sweat-resistant, for that matter — look in other places for a fitness center set.

You can tailor the fit of the eartip with 4 various sizes of gel pointers that remain in package. You ought to have the ability to get a tight fit that will not fall out. These aren’t noise-canceling, however do a good task of separating you by shutting out a few of the ambient din.

Easy Bluetooth combining

Once you get it open and get rid of the Emotion earbuds, the pairing or connection procedure starts.


Apple AirPods still stands as the simplest pairing procedure amongst Bluetooth earphones, however the Emotion is as close you can get to it without a specialized chip like Apple’s earbuds have. Eliminating the earbuds will have begin combining mode as soon as you’ve handled to open the case. From there, open Bluetooth settings on your gadget and link to “Soul Emotion.”

It is great that there’s an action or 2 less than many Bluetooth pairings, however there aren’t numerous other benefits. These earbuds do not have the intelligence to stop playback when you take them out of your ears and resume it when you put them back in. You likewise can’t manage volume on the buds — just play/pause, track advance/rewind, and calling.

Well-balanced noise

Even with some compromises, the sound quality will impress.


For sound quality, I didn’t have the greatest expectations for Emotion. After a dumping AirPods for a week and utilizing these, I can state I’m rather stunned with their sound quality.

Brands like Beats and Skullcandy tend to raise the bass, which works well for rock and pop tunes. It can end up subduing slower tunes and classical music. Soul Electronics didn’t overstate the bass on Emotion, rather providing a healthy noise that keeps the bass to what you may anticipate from a track.

Songs like “Moves Like Jagger” (Maroon 5), “Sun is Shining” (Axwell &&Ingrosso), “Everlong” (Foo Fighters), and “Roulette” (Bruce Springsteen) all have clear bass that comes through well. There is no distortion when listening at greater volumes, and the listening experience feels immersive.

With “Roulette,” the buds dealt with the fast lane drumming with ease. Both left and right were well represented in stereo. You do not desire the drums to subdue the rest of low and high tones (the guitar and vocals in this case), so they handled to strike a fragile balance.

Overall, with any track I tossed at it, the noise was healthy. High, low, and bass tones were all clear, and I didn’t experience any distortion at high volumes. Bass was high and crisp tones have a particular vibrancy to them.

An undependable microphone

Don’t trouble utilizing these for telephone call.


I likewise evaluated how the Emotion earbuds finish with call. Candidly, I would avoid calls entirely with the Emotion earbuds — particularly outdoors.

In test calls, it was tough for the individual on the other end to hear me, even at a loud speaking volume in a reasonably peaceful workplace. Outdoors, simply a percentage of wind led to the other end simply almost absolutely nothing however white sound. The call audio will just come out of the left earbud for some odd factor. You’ll delight in listening to music on these buds, however take out your phone for calls.

Mixed battery life

Battery life is much shorter than the warranty. If you prepare it ideal with the case, these can last a complete day.


Soul Electronics rates battery life for the Emotion at as much as 6 hours on a complete charge, and the case supplies 2 more complete charges. This is a lot offered their size (a complete charge for AirPods lasts around 5 hours).

However, in my screening, I navigated 3-4.5 hours of playback, depending upon the volume level. The louder you listen, the quicker it will burn through juice. I likewise discovered that the charging case supplies around just 1.5 additional charges. Not awful — it needs to get you through the day — though not rather what’s assured.

One frustrating aspect is that after the earbuds struck 30%, the rate at which they burn through the battery appears to increase. It typically lasts for about 2 tunes after that caution, and it will continue to offer you an audible low-power alert throughout the tune, essentially destroying the listening experience.

A significant worth for the cost

The $50 cost point makes it simple to see past the drawbacks.


So these are not best earphones by any ways. At $50 these provide a lot even with a slippery case, poor microphone, and a much shorter run time than guaranteed. The simple pairing procedure ratings points, too.

Most essential, the healthy sound quality will have you feeling great about the worth you’re getting. It’s tough to grumble about earphones that achieve their main objective — to play music — with aplomb.

As long as you handle your expectations and acknowledge the tradeoffs, the $50 Soul Electronic Emotions will still impress.

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