Kanye West wants Apple to build Trump an iPlane

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Rapper Kanye West holds his phone with an image of an aircraft after he revealed it to U.S. President Donald Trump throughout a conference in the Oval workplace of the White House on October 11, 2018 in Washington, DC.
Image: Photo by Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty Images)

Immediately after Kanye West exposed his dreadful iPhone passcode to the world, he stated that Apple needs to construct Trump the iPlane1.

“I brought a GIF with me right here,” West stated in the Oval Office on Thursday throughout a conference as he turned his phone over to the president. “This right here is the iPlane 1. It’s a hydrogen-powered aircraft, and this is what our president ought to be flying in. We’re going to have Apple, an American business, deal with this aircraft.”

While we appreciate the items Apple provides, it is a dreadful concept for the phone and computer system business to enter the air travel service to develop what is perhaps the most essential aircraft worldwide.

Apple is excellent at making phones, possibly let the business produce a trustworthy self-driving vehicle prior to we let them require to the skies.

West, who is unsurprisingly consumed with appearances and style, blamed Saturday Night Live and the democrats for Air Force One’s out-of-date look and tech.

“What I require Saturday Night Live to enhance on is, if he do not look excellent, we do not look excellent,” West stated. This is our president. He needs to be the best, the flyest, the flyest airplanes …”

Kanye then went on to babble about power and tasks, and how America does not make anything. Flying force One presently consists 2 extremely customized Boeing 747-200B series airplane. Boeing is, naturally, an American business, and “America’ s most significant production exporter,” according to its site .

While the principle of a hydrogen aircraft is amazing, the innovation isn’t rather there yet in regards to powering such a big airplane as Air Force One.

A hydrogen airplane, as its name recommends, runs a fuel cell which combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce an electrical present. The cool part here is that the airplane produces just water vapor as its exhaust, not that Trump provides a shit about the environment enough to purchase such a thing.

Sadly, the very first hydrogen airplane efficient in bring more than one rider didn’t fly till 2016, so the innovation has a long method to precede anybody as crucial as the president of the United States takes a trip in one.

At least Trump managed West’s bad concept … attempt I state, with dignity?

“We’ll eliminate Air Force One,” he joked.

Considering the ecological effect of flight we can and ought to purchase cleaner choices, however let’s not toss all of our faith in Apple.

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