The 5 Craziest Brittany Murphy Conspiracy Theories Betches

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If you like conspiracy theories, cults, and real criminal activity, listen to the latest Betches podcast, Not Another True Crime Podcast , where we speak about all that sh * t! Listen here .

Brittany Murphy died unfortunately almost 9 years back, however the information of her death are still very questionable and the basis of a few of the web’ s finest conspiracy theories to this day. If you sanctuary’ t inadvertently kept up till 4am seeing Brittany Murphy conspiracy videos on YouTube, you sanctuary’ t lived. Prior to I dive into the 5 craziest theories surrounding her death, it’ s crucial to understand a couple of “ truths.”(Ugh, I ’ ve constantly wished to put some dubious quote marks around the word truths in a post. Bless up.)

Brittany Murphy collapsed in her restroom on December 20, 2009, when she was just 32. She had actually been handling flu-like signs for a couple of days, and her death was ruled an “ mishap ”.(Throwing in some more dubious quote marks, you people.) Generally, the cops resembled, “ she had pneumonia, anemia, and she had numerous prescription drugs in her system, which’ s why she passed away. ” OKAY, sure.

At the time, Brittany dealt with her mom, Sharon Murphy, and her hubby, film writer Simon Monjack. Unlike a lot of star relationships, Brittany and Simon had really understood each other for 8 years and had actually been wed for 2 at this moment. Still, when she passed away, individuals implicated him due to the fact that he was type of a creepy-looking man. 5 months later on, Simon passed away of the precise very same cause, likewise in their HollywoodHills house. Uh, WTF ?! Here are the 5 most outrageous theories about what took place.

1. It Was Basically American Horror Story’: Murder House

I ’ m going to be completely transparenthere: I ’ m consumed with this conspiracy theory since it was type of my very first venture into viewing sh * tty YouTube conspiracy videos. The conspiracy that Brittany resided in a haunted, ominous, or whatever-creepy-term-you-want-to-call-it home sent me into a web blackhole in 2016 when the house went on the marketplace after a total restore.

According to The Daily Mail , Brittany Murphy purchased the Hollywood Hills house from Britney Spears in 2003. Britney Spears lived there with Justin Timberlake, and obviously believed it was scary as f * ck.

Simon had actually stated that the entire time Brittany Murphy lived there, she was singing about just how much she disliked it.

It’ s type of difficult to indicate anything that might show your home was haunted, aside from reports that both Brits felt that there was something off. A most likely description for Brittany and Simon’ s deaths in the house is that there was poisonous mold .(That has actually not been shown.)Naturally, how the mold arrived is another story. Brittany ’ s mom obviouslybelieves the home builders of the house were to blame for it, howeverno one understands for sure. Some reports likewise recommend that the couple were overall hoarders, and their home was type of a hoarder scenario, which might have led to some molding.

2. She Was Poisoned

After Brittany and Simon ’ s deaths, Brittany ’ s daddy, Angelo Bertolotti, purchased a toxicology test. The laboratory report exposed that Brittany had truly high levels of heavy metal in her hair, which might have been an outcome of consuming rat toxin. Obviously, the signs that both she and Simon suffered prior to their deaths(a confusion, lightheadedness, and headache)follow the signs of being offered rat toxin. The report did recommend that the compound might have been administered with criminal intent, however there has yet to be a follow-up examination to see simply who might have done it. Once again, numerous argue that things like hair color might likewise trigger metals to reveal up in the report. Hmmm

3. It Was The Government

I indicate, has actually there ever been a questionable incident in history that somebody didn ’ t attempt to blame the federal government for? You needed to understand this was coming.

Top Priority: The Terror Within The Huffington Post , the documentary asserts that Brittany and Simon were on a federal government watch list which U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement were attempting to kick him out of the nation.

The documentary likewise declares Brittany was buddies with a whistleblower, Julia Davis, which Brittany got captured in the crosshairs attempting to protect her. The couple was obviously encouraged that the federal government was spying on them. This theory recommends that Brittany and Simon were prob poisoned by the federal government. Sound insane? It is. We dive deep into this theory on the 2nd episode of Not Another True Crime Podcast, which you can listen to below.

4. Brittany’ s Mom Did It

Brittany ’ s dad, Angelo, believes that her mom is to blame for the strange death. And he ’ s been quite singing about it. It’ s why he bought screening to see what was truly in Brittany’ s system when she passed away.

“ There are numerous unanswered concerns that need to be dealt with, ” Angelo stated in an interview. “ Out of 3 individuals cohabiting in the exact same home, just one makes it through and benefits economically. ”

Before Brittany passed away, Sharon obviously had her leave and carry out a will whatever in her name. Simon was obv overlooked of the entire thing. After Brittany’ s death, Sharon began offering all of her sh * t in auctions . Even her passport and clothes from motion pictures she’d starred in were up for grabs. Sus.

5. Harvey Weinstein Did It

Okay, this one is most likely a significant stretch, however isn’ t that what you all came here for? This Reddit thread recommends that Harvey Weinstein did it, and truthfully, you wear’ t requirement to do much to persuade me on this one. The man f * cking draws.

There’ s basically no basis to this theory, besides the reality that Salma Hayek has actually stated that Harvey has actually threatened to eliminate her, along with some whispers that other stars have actually supported these claims with their own Harvey scary stories. Some other Redditers likewise think that there was likewise possibly some beef in between Harvey, Simon, and Brittany.

And simply to round this short article out, here’ s a video of Taryn Manning playing a DJ set where she offers a shoutout to her 8 Mile co-star and good friend, Brittany Murphy, right as the music and devices unexpectedly closed down. SpOooOoky.

If you enjoy conspiracy theories, cults, and real criminal activity, listen to the most recent Betches podcast, Not Another True Crime Podcast , where we speak about all that sh * t! Listen here .

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