It’s Fat Bear Week!

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Grab a duvet, slap on your hottest pajamas , and consume yourself into a sugar coma — it’s time to get joyful.

Yes, the most fantastic time of the year is back once again, as tomorrow (October 3) sees the start of that most stunning of events: Fat Bear Week 2018.

Since 2014, Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska has actually run its yearly Fat Bear Week competitors. This year it’ll happen in between October 3 and October 9. Every day, the bears of Katmai take on versus each other in an online fight to see who will be crowned the heavyweight champ of the park.

Roll up (actually) for the main fight order of Fat Bear Week 2018. Katmai National Park and Preserve

But although the majority of us would most likely dislike a week committed to our broadening waists , for the porky predators, the huge weight gain is really a great indication.

” There’ s no fat shaming here,” describes Katmai’s news release . “In brown bears, big quantities of body fat are a sign of health and strong possibilities of survival.”

It all boils down to the bears’ natural preparations for winter season. The brown bears of the Alaska Peninsula, where Katmai National Park sits, are currently substantial bois, weighing over 450 kgs (1,000 pounds) , however given that July they’ve been stacking on additional pounds with a particular commitment: every fall, they go into a duration of what’s called hyperphagia — essentially, they consume, and consume, and consume, non-stop, with the sole goal of getting as fat as possible.

A female entrant from the very first Fat Bear Tuesday. Katmai National Park and Preserve

So what’s behind the months-long munch-a-thon? Well, it ends up the bears are getting ready for a physical trial like no other: investing as much as the next 6 months asleep.

” They need to have actually sufficient fat accumulated to last through approximately 6 months of hibernation,” Katmai park ranger Andrew Lavalle informed Mashable . “Over the winter season, they might lose one-third of their overall body mass. In other words, the more fat you have, the most likely it is that you’ll come out of the den next spring.”

This coming week, Katmai Park will publish prior to and after images of candidates from its well-known bear web cams to its Facebook page, where citizens will choose, through the extremely clinical medium of clicking “like”, who is the greatest bear of all. After a last on October 9 — likewise referred to as “Fat Bear Tuesday” in honor of the initial one-day event — the champ will be stated.

But no matter the ultimate victor in this fight of the bulge, the bears all have the very same reward in shop: months and months of non-stop consuming and sleeping. And if that’s not a win, we do not understand what is.

[H/T: Mashable ]

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